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Guide - Rework Job ResetBudgetsSpentJob


The are several independent jobs that reset spent budgets of customers (users) for the selected period. Currently there are five jobs available:

  • ResetWeeklyBudgetsSpentJob
  • ResetMonthlyBudgetsSpentJob
  • ResetQuarterlyBudgetsSpentJob
  • ResetHalfYearlyBudgetsSpentJob
  • ResetYearlyBudgetsSpentJob

In the previous version, all customers of the system were processed individually within one job run. Especially in environments with multiple channels and lots of customers/users within the channels, the performance of the job sometimes dropped dramatically. To improve the performance and stability of this job, the underlying code base has been reworked completely.



ICMIntershop Commerce Management
SMCIntershop System Management

A process in ICM which can be triggered manually or automatically via scheduling in SMC.

It performs tasks that, among other things, improve the performance of the ICM system, see Reference - Intershop 7.10 Jobs for all available ICM 7.10 jobs.


  • General performance improvement using database queries instead of BO Layer
  • Add possibility to process customers/users per channel


Out-of-the-box the jobs are available once for the whole system.

They now can be created for different domains (channels).

Job Pipeline


The pipeline has three start nodes: StartStart_ResetByDomain and Start_deprecatedStart_ResetByDomain and Start_deprecated are available from ICM,, and

  • Start is the start node for a completely reworked and improved pipeline with a better performance.
  • Start_ResetByDomain is the same as Start but domain-specific.
  • Start_deprecated is the old, known starting point of the job.

For further details see the following sections.

Start Node: Start

This start node Start starts the new reworked job that will process all customers/users in the system without any domain context.

Start Node: Start_ResetByDomain

This start node Start_ResetByDomain starts the new reworked job only for the domain the job exists in.
It requires the customers to be stored in the related anonymous domain. For example, for domain "inSPIRED-inTRONICS_Business-Site" the customers are fetched from "inSPIRED-inTRONICS_Business-Anonymous".

Start Node: Start_deprecated

This start node Start_deprecated starts the old job as it was before the rework has taken place. This can still be used as an alternative.

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