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Guide - DBPrepare Replaces DBMigrate and DBInit

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1 Introduction

The version contains the new database tool DBPrepare. This tool replaces DBInit and DBMigrate and makes initialization and migration of existing database much easier.

1.1 What's New

  • DBPrepare can create and update an existing database.
  • DBPrepare validates the status of each cartridge and initializes the cartridge in case the cartridge is not registered at the database.
    • No need for partial initialization of cartridges
    • No need for partial migration of cartridges

The main goals of these changes are to reduce the operational effort and communication needs for each release.

2 Migration

DBInit and DBMigrate are still available for compatibility reasons. Please adapt your deployment processes.

DBPrepare is using the declaration files of DBinit and DBmigrate. Developers do not need to migrate any cartridges.


Before 7.10.33, the switch to DBPrepare needs to run DBMigrate and DBPrepare (in this order) once together on same (old) code base. Beginning with 7.10.33 all dbinit and dbmigrate executions are internally redirected to dbprepare.

2.1 Documentation


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