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ICM 7.10

Overview - 7.10 Patch Migration

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1 Introduction

The present page serves as an overview for the topic. All available documents for the topic can be found here.

1.1 About the Topic

2 Overview

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Guide - 7.10 API Changes2021/05/03 10:24:157.107.10
Guide - 7.10 Build and Deployment2021/01/28 15:06:197.107.10
Guide - 7.10 REST API Changes2021/01/27 14:47:577.10
Guide - IPv6 Support for Public Client Requests2020/02/04 13:14:587.107.10
Guide - Migrating to OpenApi 3.0 and Swagger 2.X Annotations2020/02/04 13:14:597.10
Guide - Storing of Promotion Information at Orders2020/06/23 12:10:217.97.10
Guide - Update Assembly Geb Configuration2019/09/04 11:26:067.10
Guide - DBPrepare Replaces DBMigrate and DBInit2021/05/10 10:08:157.10
Guide - Reenable CMS REST Resources2021/01/05 13:14:217.107.10
Guide - New Solr Version 8.2.02020/06/05 09:45:007.107.10
Guide - Kafka Appender Removed2020/05/12 10:36:597.10
Guide - Security Update of Libraries2020/05/12 10:38:217.10
Guide - SSO for SMC with Keycloak2020/05/12 10:39:027.10
Guide - New Cache API - Configuration and Metrics2020/10/20 13:49:037.10
Guide - SSO for Enterprise Backoffice with Keycloak2020/06/04 15:52:247.10
Guide - Security Update of Libraries2020/07/21 17:15:047.10
Guide - REST Requests with JWT2020/10/01 09:58:207.10
Guide - Change Behavior for Job ProductPriceChangeEvents - Refresh Product Prices2020/12/22 12:21:537.107.10
Guide - New Job to Recalculate the Sales Target Actual Amount for all Contracts2020/08/27 11:46:527.107.10
Guide - New Pattern for SSO Redirect URIs2021/01/28 15:55:127.107.10
Guide - Change Behavior for Job ProductPriceChangeEvents - Refresh Product Prices2021/01/05 12:49:267.107.10
Guide - New Job and ProcessChains for Search Index Maintenance2021/01/28 15:55:597.107.10
Guide - Recycle Bin Removed from Product Replication2021/05/06 08:56:157.107.10
Guide - 7.10.5 Migration Messaging2020/02/04 13:15:007.107.10
Guide - Responsive Starter Store 7.0.0 - jQuery 3 Migration2019/01/23 17:43:077.10


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