Guide - 7.10 Build and Deployment

1 Build Configuration Changes

1.1 Update Gradle Tools from 2.11.7 to 2.11.8

  • Default configuration of messaging is changed to JGroups 

1.2 Update Gradle Tools from 2.11.8 to 2.11.9

1.3 SCM Version Plugin Update to 2.6.0

  • In case the scm-version plugin is not well configured, the ivy publishing process will now fail with the error Invalid publication 'ivy': revision cannot contain '/'.

Please correct your configuration, depending on your project style guide, e.g. for often used branch pattern:

scm {
    prefixes {
        stabilizationPrefix = 'stabilization'
        featurePrefix = 'feature'
        hotfixPrefix = 'hotfix'
        bugfixPrefix = 'bugfix'
        prefixSeperator = '/'

2 Deployment Configuration Changes

2.1 Moving Cartridge Properties to jar

We moved all cartridge properties (e.g. in to src/main/resources. This means the deployment cannot override or exclude these files anymore. Please validate your deploy.gradle files and remove the according section. It is possible to override configuration depending on your need within your projects (e.g. /staticfiles/cartridge/config/

2.2 Moving logback-<cartridge-name>.xml

In case your deployment extensions refer to standard logback configurations, you need to adapt the location

Old LocationNew LocationReleaseHint
bc_pricing/staticfiles/share/system/config/cartridges/logback-bc_pricing.xmlbc_pricing/staticfiles/cartridge/logback/logback-bc_pricing.xml7.10.2.2in release the file was moved to src/main/resources and cannot be adapted
bc_basket_service/staticfiles/share/system/config/cartridges/logback-bc_basket_service.xmlbc_basket_service/staticfiles/cartridge/logback/logback-bc_basket_service.xml7.10.2.2in release the file was moved to src/main/resources and cannot be adapted


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