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ICM 7.10
Guide - 7.10 Build and Deployment

2. Build Configuration Changes

2.1. Update Gradle Tools from 2.11.7 to 2.11.8

  • Default configuration of messaging is changed to JGroups 

2.2. Update Gradle Tools from 2.11.8 to 2.11.9

2.3. SCM Version Plugin Update to 2.6.0

  • In case the scm-version plugin is not well configured, the ivy publishing process will now fail with the error Invalid publication 'ivy': revision cannot contain '/'.

Please correct your configuration, depending on your project style guide, e.g. for often used branch pattern:

scm {
    prefixes {
        stabilizationPrefix = 'stabilization'
        featurePrefix = 'feature'
        hotfixPrefix = 'hotfix'
        bugfixPrefix = 'bugfix'
        prefixSeperator = '/'

3. Deployment Configuration Changes

3.1. Moving Cartridge Properties to jar

All cartridge properties (e.g. have been moved into src/main/resources. This means the deployment cannot override or exclude these files anymore. Please validate your deploy.gradle files and remove the according section. It is possible to override the configuration depending on your needs within your projects (e.g. /staticfiles/cartridge/config/

3.2. Moving logback-<cartridge-name>.xml

In case your deployment extensions refer to standard logback configurations, you need to adapt the location.

Old Location

New Location





In release the file was moved to src/main/resources and cannot be adapted.



In release the file was moved to src/main/resources and cannot be adapted.



3.3. Recommended Usage of DBPrepare

Since Intershop provides a new tool for database preparation and migration - dbprepare. During tests of migration to performance problems of dbmigrate with MSSQL Databases occured. Please prefer dbprepare instead of dbinit and dbmigrate to avoid long running database migrations in the future.

Switch from DBInit/DBMigrate to DBPrepare

If your system was prepared using DBInit (and optionally migrated using DBMigrate) you have to run a DBMigrate before the first run of DBPrepare. Afterwards only DBPrepare should be used for database migration.

4. Oracle Driver Update 19c

Beginning with ICM it is possible to update to Oracle driver 19. However, the JDBC drivers version and above are affected by (non-public) bug 30964068 which may cause failure of the DBMigrate process. See Oracle Support Document 2689134.1 for more details.

We recommend to keep using version, until this bug is fixed in the main line drivers. If, for some reason, you are required to use a more recent driver, see Support Article - Apply Patch 30964068 to Oracle's JDBC Driver for information on how to update your Oracle driver.

4.1. References

5. Introduction of Sites and Configuration Project

Configuration files should be moved to a configuration project and "sites" files should be moved to the sites project. See "responsive_config" for a configuration project and "responsive_sites" as an example for a sites project in a_responsive. These projects contain the configuration or sites files and a deployment script.

Cartridges should not contain files for folders outside the cartridge folder. 

In a future version it is required to use a site or configuration project. Furthermore a cartridge must be self contained.

6. Apache HTTPD Support for mod_status and HTTP2 (since

Configuration support to enable HTTP2 protocol and Apache insights with 'mod_status' are prepared. Support to enable both features with deployment exists for Linux only.

Add the following lines to the file httpd/bin/envvars with your deployment to enable both features: httpd/bin/envvars

The default configuration for the 'mod_status' module restricts access to the host only.

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