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Guide - Rest API ProductHandler Rework

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1 Introduction

To improve the performance and maintainability of the product Rest API, the ProductHandler got a new java-based implementation. Therefore, some customizations of the former pipeline-based implementation may not work anymore.

2 Changes

The following artifacts are (partially) not used anymore:

  • ProductHandlerImpl defined by app_sf_rest:implementations.component
  • ProcessSearchREST.pipeline of cartridge app_sf_rest
  • ProcessCatalogREST.pipeline of cartridge app_sf_rest

If there are any customizations related to these files, it is possible to still use the ProductHandlerImpl via the component framework. However, this is not recommend, because the ProductHandlerImpl is deprecated and will be removed in the near future.

The new implementation of the ProductHandler is called ProductSearchHandlerImpl. It will handle both search index and query based searches for products. Therefore, two new Interfaces were added:


They both are implemented by default with our query and search index based product search and bound via Google Guice. If customizations are existent in ProcessSearchREST or ProcessCatalogREST, own implementation of these interfaces are possible.


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