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ICM 7.10
Guide - Removal of Deprecated Code of bc_pmc


Some features that were marked as deprecated in older versions of Intershop Commerce Management have been removed in this release. These are mainly methods that are part of the CMS and have been deprecated since at least 7.4.

If there are any compile errors with customizations after migrating to 7.10.32, the replacements should be listed here.

Target Group: Customers / partners who migrate from 7.8 or lower to 7.10.32+

Migration Steps

Deprecated MethodDeprecated sinceReplacement
Iterator getSlotSubPageletAssignments(Domain domain)7.0getPageletAssignments(Domain domain)
Iterator getSortedSlotSubPageletAssignments(Domain domain)7.0getPageletAssignments(Domain domain)
Iterator getSortedSlotSubPageletAssignments()7.0


Iterator getSubPagelets(Domain domain, Boolean staticContext)7.0getPagelets(Domain domain).iterator()
Iterator getSubPagelets(Date date, Boolean staticContext)7.0

getPagelets(Date date).iterator()

Iterator getSubPagelets(Date date, Domain domain, Boolean staticContext)7.0getPagelets(Date date, Domain domain).iterator()
Iterator getSubPagelets(Boolean staticContext)7.0getPagelets().iterator()
boolean isHidden(Domain domain)7.8Replaced by Overriding Placeholder Concept
void setHidden(boolean hiddenFlag, Domain domain)7.8Replaced by Overriding Placeholder Concept
void setReadOnly(boolean readOnlyFlag, Domain domain)7.8Replaced by Overriding Placeholder Concept
boolean isReadOnly(Domain domain)7.8Replaced by Overriding Placeholder Concept
boolean isHideable()7.8Replaced by Overriding Placeholder Concept
void setHideable(boolean aFlag)7.8Replaced by Overriding Placeholder Concept

Deprecated MethodDeprecated sinceReplacement
void disableSorting()7.0No replacement, since the functionality is removed since 7.0
void enableSorting()7.0No replacement, since the functionality is removed since 7.0
boolean isSortingEnabled()7.0No replacement, since the functionality is removed since 7.0

Deprecated MethodDeprecated sinceReplacement
boolean hasParent(Domain domain)7.2boolean hasParent(Domain domain, PageletModelRepository pmr)
PageletEntryPoint getParentPageletEntryPoint(Domain domain)7.2PageletEntryPoint getParentPageletEntryPoint(Domain domain, PageletModelRepository pmr)
boolean hasSubPageletEntryPoints(Domain domain)7.2boolean hasSubPageletEntryPoints(Domain domain, PageletModelRepository pmr)
Collection getSubPageletEntryPoints(Domain domain)7.2Collection getSubPageletEntryPoints(Domain domain, PageletModelRepository pmr)


Deprecated MethodDeprecated sinceReplacement

Slot getParentSlot()


Pagelet getSubPagelet()

7.2getFrom or getPagelet


Deprecated MethodDeprecated sinceReplacement
ContextObjectRelation getContextObjectRelation()7.2getModelElement().getContextObjectRelation()


  • Pagelet UpdateSlotVisibility  was removed without replacement.
  • onEdit is no longer a property of the PageletDefinition, since this functionality was not used since 7.4
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