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Guide - Security Update of Libraries

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1 Introduction

Several libraries with vulnerabilities were updated and can potentially break the implementation.

LibraryOld VersionNew Version

2 Migration

2.1 Version Conflict

In case of version conflicts of underlying and custom libraries, the version must be defined explicitly. The build.gradle can contain the following block:

versionRecommendation {
    provider {
        // thirdparty.version to resolve version conflicts of custom cartridges
        properties('thirdparty', file('thirdparty.version')) {}

Example version file to resolve version conflict for library "error_prone_annotations".


2.2 Class Collision Check Failed

Some libraries can contain resources which have the same name. To exclude such resources, a configuration of the task must be adapted:

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':<assembly>:checkClassCollisions'.
> There are class collisions in your dependencies
   > Collision between io.github.classgraph:classgraph:4.6.32 and net.bytebuddy:byte-buddy:1.9.10
      > META-INF.versions.9.module-info
build.gradle of assembly
// verify whole server classpath to be collision-free
checkClassCollisions {
    allCartridges = true
    ignore 'META-INF.versions.\\d+.module-info' // ignore module-info.class files in META-INF/**cd


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