Guide - Migration of 7.8/7.9 Google Tag Manager Service Definitions

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1 Introduction

With 7.10 a new Google Tag Manager implementation (ac_gtm cartridge) is available. This replaces the old implementation (ac_google_tagmanager cartridge) that was used in 7.8 and 7.9.

For the migration from Intershop 7.8 or 7.9 to this new implementation, some steps are necessary. These steps remove the old Google Tag Manager service definitions and create the new one.

The Google Tag Manager is integrated into the Intershop system as a service via the Intershop Managed Service Framework, see ConceptCookbook.

2 Migration

To migrate to ac_gtm cartridge, perform the following steps:


This is only required if you use the old ac_google_tagmanager implementation.
  1. Deploy Intershop 7.10.
  2. Execute the DBMigrate step for cartridge ac_gtm
    dbmigrate.bat/sh -classic -t=ac_gtm
  3. Migrate your existing old Google Tag Manager service configuration(s) to the new implementation (ac_gtm).
    An example can be found in a_responsive\demo_responsive\src\main\resources\com\intershop\demo\responsive\dbinit\data\service\...
  4. Call the DBInit preparer for these new Google Tag Manager service configuration(s):
    dbinit.bat/sh -classic -t=your_demo_responsive_cartridge -c=ClassXXX,ClassYYY,ClassZZZ


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