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Guide - IPv6 Support for Public Client Requests

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1 Introduction

This migration guide describes IPv6 support for public client requests.


IPv6 support has beta status and can contain bugs. Please test properly before you take it into consideration for a production environment! Please contact Intershop Support for feedback.

This is not an API change. The pipelets and IP range checks are extended to limit requests to IPv6 based networks. The IPv6 requests are send to the Apache with Webadapter. The clients IPv6 address is processed internally. The communication between the Webadapter and the application servers are still IPv4.

2 Migration

  • Configuration migration is only necessary if you need to limit access to known IPv6 networks. Add a IPv6 network range definition with the separator to the existing IPv4 network definition.
  • You can use the IPv6 address feature by adding an IPv6 AAAA record to an internal DNS zone for testing. Afterwards add an AAAA record to the public DNS zone to enable IPv6 for your customers.


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