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Guide - File Uploads Validation Feature


This guide provides information about the new file upload validation feature. This update might cause migration efforts on custom source projects.




Intershop Commerce Management
RSSThe Intershop responsive starter store  the demo store with which most ICM customizing projects start to develop and customize the ICM platform
SFSShared File System  a folder and subfolder structure in ICM where files are uploaded for later use (images, attachments, etc.).
PWAIntershop Progressive Web App  the storefront that uses the ICM REST API.


Potential Issues

There are a variety of files that can be uploaded to the ICM's Shared File System (SFS) and used in the RSS-based online shop or the PWA.

By default, this is possible for the most common file extensions. Additional required file extensions can be configured. 

This document describes how to change the configuration or disable the entire feature.

Change Default Configuration

The Cookbook - File Uploads Validation | Recipe: How to Change the Global Configuration explains how to change the default behavior of the feature.

It allows to change the file extensions or disable the media type check. You may also disable the whole feature to return to the state before the release. 

Code Changes

Several code changes were made to implement this feature.

In case your custom code replaces some of them, this feature might not work everywhere or not work at all.

In the Cookbook - File Uploads Validation there are example code snippets for ISML Templates and Pipelines, which explain what to look for.

Changed Templates

  • sld_ch_base/.../templates/default/impex/PromotionAttachmentUpload.isml
  • sld_ch_consumer_plugin/.../templates/default/impex/ProductAttachments_52.isml
  • sld_ch_consumer_plugin/.../templates/default/product/ProductSelectImage_52.isml
  • sld_ch_consumer_plugin/.../templates/default/product/ProductUploadErrors_52.isml
  • sld_ch_partner_plugin/.../templates/default/image/ImageFileUpload_32.isml
  • sld_ch_partner_plugin/.../templates/default/impex/ProductAttachments_32.isml
  • sld_ch_partner_plugin/.../templates/default/product/ProductSelectImage_32.isml
  • sld_ch_partner_plugin/.../templates/default/product/ProductUploadErrors_32.isml
  • sld_enterprise_app/.../templates/default/image/ImageFileUpload.isml
  • sld_enterprise_app/.../templates/default/impex/ProductAttachments.isml
  • sld_enterprise_app/.../templates/default/product/ProductSelectImage.isml
  • sld_enterprise_app/.../templates/default/product/ProductUploadErrors.isml

Changed Pipelines

  • sld_ch_base/.../pipelines/ViewPromotionAttachmentUpload-Upload
  • sld_ch_consumer_plugin/.../pipelines/ViewProductAttachments_52-Upload
  • sld_ch_consumer_plugin/.../pipelines/ViewProductImage_52-Upload
  • sld_ch_partner_plugin/.../pipelines/ViewImageUpload_32-Upload
  • sld_ch_partner_plugin/.../pipelines/ViewProductAttachments_32-Upload
  • sld_ch_partner_plugin/.../pipelines/ViewProductImage_32-Upload
  • sld_enterprise_app/.../pipelines/ViewImageUpload-Upload
  • sld_enterprise_app/.../pipelines/ViewProductAttachments-Upload
  • sld_enterprise_app/.../pipelines/ViewProductImage-Upload

To all pipelines above in Start-Node upload, call nodes have been added to:

  • ProcessFile-CheckFileExists
  • ProcessFile-VerifyFileContent
  •  sld_enterprise_app/.../pipelines/ProcessFile
    • Start-Node: UploadFile - changed
    • Start-Node: CheckFileExists - new node - existing logic moved to separate Start-Node
    • Start-Node: GetVerifyFileContentConfig - new node
    • Start-Node: VerifyFileContent - new node
    • Start-Node:CopyFile - no change
  • sld_enterprise_app/.../pipelines/ProcessProductImage
    • Start-Node:CopyFile - changed - added automatic unzip code like in ProcessFile-CopyFile
    • Start-Node: other start nodes have not been changed
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