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The signature of the class has changed. The class still extends the ExtensibleFunction class but its call parameters changed as follows:

Changes of ConfigurationROMapper class signature
// origin
public class ConfigurationROMapper extends ExtensibleFunction<ApplicationBO, ConfigurationRO>

// after rework
public class ConfigurationROMapper extends ExtensibleFunction<ApplicationBO, MethodInvocationResult<ConfigurationRO>>


If there is a customized extension of the ConfigurationROMapper, the signature of this class has to be adjusted:

Example of a customized extension of the ConfigurationROMapper
// origin
public class ConfigurationROExampleMapper implements FunctionExtension<ApplicationBO, ConfigurationRO>

// after rework
public class ConfigurationROExampleMapper implements FunctionExtension<ApplicationBO, MethodInvocationResult<ConfigurationRO>>

The type of the return value of the apply method must also be adapted:

Return value type changes of the apply method
public class ConfigurationROExampleMapper implements FunctionExtension<ApplicationBO, MethodInvocationResult<ConfigurationRO>>
	// origin
	public ConfigurationRO apply(ApplicationBO source, ConfigurationRO target)

	// after rework
	public MethodInvocationResult<ConfigurationRO> apply(ApplicationBO source, MethodInvocationResult<ConfigurationRO> target)

At least the binding entry in the Guice module has to be adjusted regarding the new signature.


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