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Guide - B2B User Registration E-Mail

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This guide contains information about the changes in sending e-mails for B2B user registration.


Previously, there was no way to suppress sending the registration e-mail when an inactive B2B user was created. For this purpose, a channel preference SendRegistrationMailOnUserActivation has been added that can control this behaviour.

This preference is maintainable as channel preference in the commerce management. It is located on the Registration and Reminder Preferences page, see Managing B2B User Registration E-Mail Preferences in the ICM Online Help for details.

Now it is possible to specify when the registration e-mail should be sent:

  • On registration (default): Sends the e-mail at the time of user registration, regardless of the user's active status.
  • On first user activation: Sends the e-mail as soon as the user is set to active for the first time.


After the execution of the migration script, a new preference SendRegistrationMailOnUserActivation will be added to the PreferenceDefinitions table. The default value of the preference corresponds to the previous behaviour for e-mail handling after a B2B user creation. This ensures that no further migration effort is required.


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