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Guide - Encrypted Passwords in Managed Services

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1. Introduction

From ICM the Managed Services Framework is able to encrypt passwords stored in the database. This guide provides information on how to migrate existing services.

2. Migration

Configure the desired service configuration parameter so that it can be encrypted. This can be done in the configdef folder of your service using the type Password:

<parameter name="YourService.password" type="Password" position="60">

This step enables the Managed Services Framework to encrypt the related parameter when storing new values in the back office. For encryption the current default encryption algorithm is used. Be careful to keep the encryption algorithm in your file, otherwise it will not be possible to decrypt the parameter value again.

For your service implementation, make sure that you use the Configuration Framework to access your service parameters. Do not access the parameters by using the ServiceConfigurationPO object directly!

3. DBPrepare

It is also possible to encrypt passwords during the DBPrepare process using the ServiceConfigurationParameterPreparer. All parameters of type Password are encrypted and stored in the database.


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