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Video Tutorial - Gift Cards and Certificates

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1 Introduction

This document replaces the outdated article with the ID 2Z5075 and the title Video Tutorial: Intershop 7 Gift Certificates.

The Gift Cards and Certificates feature allows you to easily extend and satisfy gift card business scenarios in your shop system. This video will help you to discover and configure this powerful feature.

Gift cards and certificates are products of a special type. They can be bought by consumers in the storefront either digitally (gift certificates) or physically (gift cards). Both are available as payment method in the checkout process afterwards.

1.1 References

2 Video Tutorial

Additionally to this tutorial, you can follow the tutorial tasks in the Guidance section below the video.

3 Guidance

3.1 Tasks

  1. Enable the Gift Card Service.
  2. Configure it.
  3. Define a selected product as gift certificate by classification.


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