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1 Introduction

The present page serves as an overview for the topic. All available documents for the topic can be found here.

2 About the Topic

Generally, a search engine is a search and navigation system used to find a keyword within various types of content. The search results are usually presented in a list and are commonly called hits. Search engines help to minimize the time required to find information.

Online shops usually include search engines to help customers find products. Intershop 7 and Intershop Commerce Management bundle the Apache Solr search engine by default in order to index and retrieve products and WCM content.

The most public, visible form of a search engine is a web search engine which searches for information on the World Wide Web.

3 Overview

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Concept - Search Services2020/02/06 16:46:426.7
Cookbook - Content Search Configuration2020/02/04 09:42:047.4 
Cookbook - Product Search Configuration2020/02/04 09:42:057.8 
Cookbook - Product Search Configuration (valid to 7.7)2020/02/04 09:42:057.47.7
Cookbook - Search2020/02/04 09:42:067.9
Cookbook - Search (valid to 7.8)2020/02/04 09:42:066.77.8
Guide - Migration Solr4 to Solr Cloud Adapter2021/01/05 17:41:007.10
Guide - Search Suggest Index Types2020/02/04 09:42:077.10 
Guide - SIS Solr Logging2020/02/04 09:42:087.0 
Guide - Solr Replication2020/05/06 11:07:457.9
Public Release Note - Solr4 Search Service Adapter2021/03/24 09:18:087.107.10
Public Release Note - SolrCloud Search Service Adapter 12020/11/10 11:22:327.97.10
Public Release Note - SolrCloud Search Service Adapter 22021/03/19 16:45:517.10


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