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Public Release Note - IOM Helm Charts 1.1.1

1 Introduction

Welcome to the IOM Helm Charts 1.1.1.

IOM is delivered in the form of Docker images which are dedicated to run in Kubernetes. Intershop also provides Helm Charts for IOM, which makes it very easy to operate IOM.

1.1 Dependency Version Information

IOM Helm ChartsIntershop Order Management

3.0 (IOM-10458 still occurres in this combination)


1.2 Glossary

DockerAn OS-level virtualization software.
HelmA package manager for Kubernetes.
IOMThe abbreviation for Intershop Order Management
KubernetesAn open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

2 General Information

3 Fixed Defects

Key Summary

4 Migration Notes

4.1.1 New Helm Parameters for fine tuning of liveness and readiness probes

The following parameters were added, allowing fine tuning of liveness and readiness probes:

  • livenessProbe.periodSeconds
  • livenessProbe.initialDelaySeconds
  • livenessProbe.timeoutSeconds
  • livenessProbe.failureThreshold
  • readinessProbe.periodSeconds
  • readinessProbe.initialDelaySeconds
  • readinessProbe.timeoutSeconds
  • readinessProbe.failureThreshold
  • readinessProbe.successThreshold

See: Guide - Operate Intershop Order Management 3.X, which provides more information about the new parameters.


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