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Public Release Note - IOM Helm Charts 1.4


Welcome to the IOM Helm Charts 1.4

IOM is delivered in the form of Docker images which are dedicated to run in Kubernetes. Intershop also provides Helm Charts for IOM, which makes it very easy to operate IOM.

Dependency Version Information

For best compatibility between IOM Helm charts and IOM, please always use the newest version of IOM Helm charts, regardless of the IOM version you are currently using. To do so, please update IOM Helm charts as often as possible.

Helm \ IOM3.
1.4.X1), 2), 3), 4), 5), 6), 7)4), 6), 7)5), 6), 7)6), 7)7)

1), 2), 3), 4), 5), 6)

4), 6)5), 6)6)

1), 2), 3), 4), 5)

4), 5)5)

1), 2), 3), 4)




IOM-10458 still occurs in this combination
2) Helm parameter for timeout of test-data import does not work in this combination
3) Helm parameter to control creation of access log does not work in this combination
4) IOM-10362 still occurs in this combination
5) IOM-10891 still occurs in this combination
6) Helm parameters to control Datadog APM do not work in this combination
7) Helm parameter jboss.nodePrefix does not work in this combination

x) Not supported


DockerAn OS-level virtualization software.
HelmA package manager for Kubernetes.
IOMThe abbreviation for Intershop Order Management
KubernetesAn open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

General Information

New Features

Updated Version of Images of IOM Images

Default values of image.tag and config.image.tag were set to

Updated Mailhog Sub-Chart to Version 4.1.0

Mailhog sub-chart was updated to version 4.1.0.

Updated Nginx Sub-Chart to Version 3.29.0

Nginx sub-chart was updated to version 3.29.0.

Added Support for Custom Node IDs

Every IOM application server has to have a unique ID. Normally this ID is identical to the hostname of the pod. If you need to define unique IDs over different Kubernetes clusters (transregional installation of IOM) or if the hostname exceeds the 23 characters allowed for application server IDs, now the Helm parameter jboss.nodePrefix can be used to create custom IDs. In this case, the node IDs are built as <jboss.nodePrefix>-<number>, whereas <number> is defined by the number of the pod as part of the stateful set. See also description of the parameter in Guide - Operate Intershop Order Management 3.X.

Added Support to Control Execution of Backend Processes (IOM Singleton Applications)

When running a transregional installation of IOM, this setup spans over many Kubernetes clusters (at least two). In this case only one of the Kubernetes clusters must run an IOM application server that is executing backend applications (IOM singleton applications). The new Helm parameter oms.execBackendApps now allows to control this. See also the description of the parameter in Guide - Operate Intershop Order Management 3.X.

Added Support to Directly Pass Name of Persistence Volume Claim for Shared File System

Helm parameter persistence.pvc was added to directly pass the name of a Persistence Volume Claim that should be used for shared file system. This might be required when running transregional installations of IOM. See also the description of the parameter in Guide - Operate Intershop Order Management 3.X.

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