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IOM 3.4

Public Release Note - Intershop Order Management 3.4

1 Introduction

Welcome to Intershop Order Management 3.4!

Intershop Order Management (IOM) is an application of the Intershop Commerce Suite (ICS) that is designed to combine omni-channel commerce processes into one system. It automates and streamlines the life cycle of orders and payments. IOM processes orders from multiple touch points (web shop, mobile shop, call center and more), allocates them to multiple fulfillment solutions (fulfillment centers, drop-ship distributors, physical stores and more), and tracks all order and payment transactions.

IOM offers a centralized platform for managing distributed inventory, order, invoice and payment life cycles, and provides call center functionality, enabling real-time visibility into customers' purchasing behavior, stock levels, payments, and more. As part of ICS, it utilizes the suite's transaction, PIM and merchandising features.

IOM offers the possibility to tailor your business models as flexible and free as you need and depict them in your e-commerce environment. The order management system adjusts the order processing for various sales channels and suppliers and can be seamlessly integrated with existing components of your IT environment.

1.1 Glossary

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APIApplication Programming Interface
DockerAn operating system-level virtualization software. Also see Kubernetes and Helm.

A package manager for Kubernetes. Also see Docker.

ICMAbbreviation for Intershop Commerce Management
IOMAbbreviation for Intershop Order Management

An open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Also see Docker and Helm.

OMSAbbreviation for Order Management System, the technical name of the IOM
OMTAbbreviation for Order Management Tool , the graphical management tool of the IOM
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol

2 General Information

3 Additional References

4 New Features and Enhancements

4.1 Enhancements of Taxes

4.1.1 Free Taxes

Taxes were enhanced to support free taxes at order creation and must not be pre-configured any longer.

Thereby taxes and variable tax location rules that exist, e.g. in the EU or US (see VAT in ) are now supported.

This requires at least the rate of a tax at order creation.

For more information see:

4.1.2 Propagation Multiple Taxes of Positions and Charges

Multiple taxes of positions and charges were already accepted with Reference - IOM REST API - Order 2.0 and are now propagated in models and features.

This also includes:

  • Adjustments in OMT
  • Customer email data (see Reference - IOM Customer E-mails | Generally Available Template Data):
    • Additional list of taxes at ShopUserMailPositionLO and ShopUserMailChargeLO
    • Previous tax values in ShopUserMailChargeLO and ShopUserMailPositionLO now contain the sum of all included taxes 
    • Added location and tax name to ShopUserMailTaxLO
  • Invoice-pdf data:
    • The name of the tax type has been added to the type TaxPrices


      The taxes that are available at the invoice position level aggregate the included tax list.
      There is no possibility to drill down into the single tax items.

4.2 Enhancements in Setup and Operations

4.2.1 Datadog Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

IOM now supports sending DataDog APM data to a locally installed Datadog daemon-set. To enable and control sending of DataDog APM data, IOM Helm Charts (version 1.3.0 or newer) are required. Please see Guide - Operate Intershop Order Management 3.X for a complete list of according helm parameters.

Datadog Application Performance Monitoring allows fine-grained performance analysis. The screenshot shows an example:

4.2.2 Update of Infrastructure Components

Following infrastructure components were updated:

  • IOM config image is now based on alpine:3.13
  • IOM now uses AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.10+9

4.3 Interfaces

4.3.1 New Version of IOM REST API Order 2.1

  • Multiple taxes are already there, but they are decoupled from TaxDefDO now and additionally can be set as free text.
  • Added rate and location therefore
  • Added undocumented constraints

The specification can be found in the delivery doc/REST/ or in the Knowledge Base.

For more information also see Reference - IOM REST API - Order 2.1.

Please also see the section for tax enhancements above.

5 Setup & Configuration

For installation instructions see:

Docker-images are available at:


Helm Charts are available at:


6 Interfaces

For a complete list of all interfaces please see Overview - Intershop Order Management REST API and Overview - IOM Interfaces.

6.1 Deprecations

Key Summary
IOM-10985 Deprecated "tenant" and "environment" in meta-data of logs, DataDog will inject instead
IOM-10977 Deprecated usage of PostgreSQL 10.X
IOM-10965 Deprecated obsolete get|setEnumTaxType() and get|setTaxInPercentage() of ArticleSupplierShopDetailsVO
IOM-10964 Deprecated obsolete getEnumTaxType() of SharedArticleSupplierShopDetails and getTaxInPercentage() of ArticleSupplierShopDetailsView
IOM-10956 Deprecated get|setOrderPropertyList of OrderDO, get|setShippingBucketPropertyList() of ShippingBucketDO and get|setOrderPosPropertyList() of OrderPosDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead
IOM-10954 Deprecated isCorrected() of OrderDO, use get|setIsCorrected() instead
IOM-10945 Deprecated obsolete SalesPriceShippingLO, InvoicingSalesPriceShippingDO, PaymentSalesPriceShippingDO
IOM-10944 Deprecated get|setTaxDO() of SalesPricePosLO, InvoicingSalesPricePosDO, InvoicingSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPricePosDO, use get|setSalesPriceTaxItemList() instead
IOM-10943 Deprecated get|setTaxDO() of SalesPricePos, SalesPriceCharge and SalesPriceShipping, use get|setSalesPriceTaxItemList instead
IOM-10942 Deprecated getSalesSumSubGross() and getPositionSalesSumGross() of SalesPriceTax, SalesPriceTaxLO and InvoicingSalesPriceTaxDO
IOM-10941 Deprecated constructor TaxAmountVO(BigDecimal, BigDecimal, Integer), use another constructor instead
IOM-10940 Deprecated getTaxDOByAmountAndCountryAndDate() of TaxPersistenceService
IOM-10938 Deprecated get|setCountryDefDO() and get|setCountryDefRef of TaxDO, use location instead
IOM-10936 Deprecated name() and getInternalEnum() of TaxTypeDefDO()
IOM-10935 Deprecated static attributes of TaxTypeDefDO of type TaxTypeDefDO, use the static replacements for NAME and ID instead
IOM-10934 Deprecated setTaxTypeDefDO() of TaxDO, AmountClassDO, ArticleSupplierShopDO, ClassificationTaxMappingDO, Shop2TaxTypeDefDO, SupplierTaxTypeDefDO, FinanceController2TaxTypeDefDO, use setTaxTypeDO() instead
IOM-10933 Deprecated getTaxList() of ShopDO, use TaxPersistenceService instead
IOM-10927 Deprecated getTaxDOByShopTaxType() and getTaxDOByShopTax...() of TaxDO, use TaxPersistenceService instead
IOM-10925 Deprecated getTaxTypeDefDO() of ImportArticleDO
IOM-10867 Deprecated obsolete get|setTaxTypeDefDO()|Ref() of ArticleSupplierShopDO
IOM-7932 Deprecated getTaxDO() and getTaxValue() of OrderPosDO, OrderChargeDO

6.2 Removals

7 Fixed Defects

8 Changelog


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