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IOM 3.4
Public Release Note - Intershop Order Management 3.4


Welcome to Intershop Order Management 3.4!

Intershop Order Management (IOM) is an application of the Intershop Commerce Suite (ICS) that is designed to combine omni-channel commerce processes into one system. It automates and streamlines the life cycle of orders and payments. IOM processes orders from multiple touch points (web shop, mobile shop, call center and more), allocates them to multiple fulfillment solutions (fulfillment centers, drop-ship distributors, physical stores and more), and tracks all order and payment transactions.

IOM offers a centralized platform for managing distributed inventory, order, invoice and payment life cycles, and provides call center functionality, enabling real-time visibility into customers' purchasing behavior, stock levels, payments, and more. As part of ICS, it utilizes the suite's transaction, PIM and merchandising features.

IOM offers the possibility to tailor your business models as flexible and free as you need and depict them in your e-commerce environment. The order management system adjusts the order processing for various sales channels and suppliers and can be seamlessly integrated with existing components of your IT environment.


APIApplication Programming Interface
DockerAn operating system-level virtualization software. Also see Kubernetes and Helm.

A package manager for Kubernetes. Also see Docker.

ICMAbbreviation for Intershop Commerce Management
IOMAbbreviation for Intershop Order Management

An open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Also see Docker and Helm.

OMSAbbreviation for Order Management System, the technical name of the IOM
OMTAbbreviation for Order Management Tool , the graphical management tool of the IOM
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol

General Information

Additional References

New Features and Enhancements

Enhancements of Taxes

Free Taxes

Taxes were enhanced to support free taxes at order creation and must not be pre-configured any longer.

Thereby taxes and variable tax location rules that exist, e.g. in the EU or US (see VAT in ) are now supported.

This requires at least the rate of a tax at order creation.

For more information see:

Propagation of Multiple Taxes of Positions and Charges

Multiple taxes of positions and charges were already accepted with Reference - IOM REST API - Order 2.0 and are now propagated in models and features.

This also includes:

  • Adjustments in OMT
  • Customer email data (see Reference - IOM Customer E-mails | Generally Available Template Data):
    • Additional list of taxes at ShopUserMailPositionLO and ShopUserMailChargeLO
    • Previous tax values in ShopUserMailChargeLO and ShopUserMailPositionLO now contain the sum of all included taxes 
    • Added location and tax name to ShopUserMailTaxLO
  • Invoice-pdf data:
    • The name of the tax type has been added to the type TaxPrices


      The taxes that are available at the invoice position level aggregate the included tax list.
      There is no possibility to drill down into the single tax items.

Enhancements in Setup and Operations

Datadog Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

IOM now supports sending DataDog APM data to a locally installed Datadog daemon-set. To enable and control sending of DataDog APM data, IOM Helm Charts (version 1.3.0 or newer) are required. Please see Guide - Operate Intershop Order Management 3.X for a complete list of according helm parameters.

Datadog Application Performance Monitoring allows fine-grained performance analysis. The screenshot shows an example:

Update of Infrastructure Components

Following infrastructure components were updated:

  • IOM config image is now based on alpine:3.13
  • IOM now uses AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.10+9


New Version of IOM REST API Order 2.1

  • Multiple taxes are already there, but they are decoupled from TaxDefDO now and additionally can be set as free text.
  • Added rate and location therefore
  • Added undocumented constraints

The specification can be found in the delivery doc/REST/ or in the Knowledge Base.

For more information also see Reference - IOM REST API - Order 2.1.

Please also see the section for tax enhancements above.

Setup & Configuration

For installation instructions see:

Docker-images are available at:


Helm Charts are available at:



For a complete list of all interfaces please see Overview - Intershop Order Management REST API and Overview - IOM Interfaces.


41739[IOM-7932] Deprecated getTaxDO() and getTaxValue() of OrderPosDO, OrderChargeDO, InvoicingSalesPricePosDO, InvoicingSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPricePosDO, PaymentSalesPriceChargeDO
60917[IOM-10867] Deprecated obsolete get|setTaxTypeDefDO()|Ref() of ArticleSupplierShopDO
61553[IOM-10925] Deprecated getTaxTypeDefDO() of ImportArticleDO
61555[IOM-10927] Deprecated getTaxDOByShopTaxType() and getTaxDOByShopTax...() of TaxDO, use TaxPersistenceService instead
61573[IOM-10933] Deprecated getTaxList() of ShopDO, use TaxPersistenceService instead
61608[IOM-10934] Deprecated setTaxTypeDefDO() of TaxDO, AmountClassDO, ArticleSupplierShopDO, ClassificationTaxMappingDO, Shop2TaxTypeDefDO, SupplierTaxTypeDefDO, FinanceController2TaxTypeDefDO, use setTaxTypeDO() instead
61609[IOM-10935] Deprecated static attributes of TaxTypeDefDO of type TaxTypeDefDO, use the static replacements for NAME and ID instead
61610[IOM-10936] Deprecated name() and getInternalEnum() of TaxTypeDefDO()
61620[IOM-10938] Deprecated get|setCountryDefDO() and get|setCountryDefRef of TaxDO, use location instead
61633[IOM-10940] Deprecated getTaxDOByAmountAndCountryAndDate() of TaxPersistenceService
61634[IOM-10941] Deprecated constructor TaxAmountVO(BigDecimal, BigDecimal, Integer), use another constructor instead
61639[IOM-10942] Deprecated getSalesSumSubGross() and getPositionSalesSumGross() of SalesPriceTax, SalesPriceTaxLO and InvoicingSalesPriceTaxDO
61642[IOM-10943] Deprecated get|setTaxDO() of SalesPricePos, SalesPriceCharge and SalesPriceShipping, use get|setSalesPriceTaxItemList instead
61644[IOM-10944] Deprecated get|setTaxDO() of SalesPricePosLO, InvoicingSalesPricePosDO, InvoicingSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPricePosDO, use get|setSalesPriceTaxItemList() instead
61645[IOM-10945] Deprecated obsolete SalesPriceShippingLO, InvoicingSalesPriceShippingDO, PaymentSalesPriceShippingDO
61756[IOM-10954] Deprecated isCorrected() of OrderDO, use get|setIsCorrected() instead
61758[IOM-10956] Deprecated get|setOrderPropertyList of OrderDO, get|setShippingBucketPropertyList() of ShippingBucketDO and get|setOrderPosPropertyList() of OrderPosDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead
61874[IOM-10964] Deprecated obsolete getEnumTaxType() of SharedArticleSupplierShopDetails and getTaxInPercentage() of ArticleSupplierShopDetailsView
61877[IOM-10965] Deprecated obsolete get|setEnumTaxType() and get|setTaxInPercentage() of ArticleSupplierShopDetailsVO
61915[IOM-10977] Deprecated usage of PostgreSQL 10.X
61948[IOM-10985] Deprecated tenant and environment in meta-data of logs, DataDog will inject instead
69754Deprecated getQuantity() of OrderPosDO, use getQuantityOrdered() instead
70202Deprecated get|setIsValid(), isValid(), get|setIsEOL() of ArticleSupplierShopDO, use is|setValid(), is|setEOL() instead
80819Deprecated usage of PostgreSQL 10


55546[IOM-10060] Removed deprecated bakery.persistence.util.ShopDOUtil
60913[IOM-10866] Removed obsolete getTaxesPerCountry() from OrderPersistenceService and OrderSecurityService
61683[IOM-10951] Removed deprecated OrderPosShippingClassDO
61914[IOM-10976] Removed deprecated usage of PostgreSQL 9.5.X, 9.6.X
62236[IOM-11064] Removed obsolete class, please, use corresponding methods in PropertyOwners instead

Fixed Defects

55202[IOM-10004] Transmissions in OMT: Select all none button not functioning after changing page size
60013[IOM-10691] WFLYTX0013: node-identifier is not unique
60369[IOM-10752] Insufficient length of promotion parameters of REST-APIorder
60681[IOM-10843] Undocumented constraint at taxes in REST-APIorder that the tax type has to be unique for each list of taxes
60735[IOM-10850] Undocumented length-constraint at in REST-API order
60795[IOM-10857] ShopPersistenceService sometimes does not fully load shops before storing them in the cache
60981[IOM-10870] Executing SQL-configuration becomes very slow with many registered users
61433[IOM-10912] Wrong supplier name returned from REST-APIorder for order-states
61460[IOM-10914] Discounted prices are NULL instead of equal to undiscounted price after order import
61542[IOM-10921] NPE while retrieving additionalAttribute with null-value at REST-APIorder
61548[IOM-10922] Undocumented length-constraint at tax.type in REST-APIorder
61628[IOM-10939] Cache in TaxPersistenceBean does not work with tax changes
61806[IOM-10960] Wrong charge amounts in the default template for invoice-pdf summaries
61926[IOM-10983] Pending returns block the return approval
61964[IOM-10987] Inactive entries at Shop2SupplierDO block the import process


Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

71269Return label documents are not showing in OMT when the document supplier is not the selected shipping supplier

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

70116Fixing wrong product data by import is impossible
70126Schedules are stuck after exceeding the configured "expectedRuntime"

Version Intershop Order Management /

Please see migration guidelines for IOM - Guide - IOM 3.4.8 Migration of Customization.

Fixed Defects

69721User/permission management is still ways to slow by supplier onboarding
69854Orders with 1000 positions cannot be dispatched using OMT
69876Import performance issues when using Azure DB for PostgreSQL
69930Performance issues with large orders
70004Job Framework gets stuck in case of long-running jobs

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

65866ArithmeticException due to a wrong setScale usage
65744Protocol is missing in repo url for

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

64374Subtotal taxes are mapped incorrectly during order import
64618Order Calculation: possible wrong distribution of order level promotions on the order positions
65527Performance issues due to missing indexes
65559Very slow display of the order positions details in OMT

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

63659[IOM-11293] Invalid rounding of order level promotions on the orderPosItemsDOs
63835[IOM-11317] Order charge taxes are distributed incorrectly

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

61983[IOM-10989] Exception in OMT for disabled Shop2SupplierDOs
63399[IOM-11263] Undocumented (breaking) change in address mapping behavior
63548[IOM-11278] Order import fails when passing multiple tax records with rate zero

Version Intershop Order Management /


63280[IOM-11233] Removed setTaxDO() of InvoicingSalesPricePosDO, InvoicingSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPricePosDO and PaymentSalesPriceChargeDO

Fixed Defects

62131[IOM-11030] OrderStateMapperUtil provides incorrect subtotal net price
62766[IOM-11152] YAML-specification of REST-API order order-states misses returned objects and attributes
62965[IOM-11169] Unable to edit product stock data in OMT
63070[IOM-11206] Migration scripts don't create InvoicingSalesPricePosTaxDO records
63264[IOM-11227] Deprecations related to the multitaxes are not correctly implemented

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

62206[IOM-11061] Credit note processing fails in some return scenarios (manual credit notes)

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

62198[IOM-11060] NullPointerException in ArticleSupplierShopDO
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