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When integrating standard REST-API of IOM it might be helpful to see requests and responses. This may be useful if the desired information is not available otherwise, or it can be used additionally. This guide describes how to enable selected REST operations to see its request and response. The target audience of this guide is development, consulting, and operations.


Configure Logging

During the resource discovery phase all REST-operations will be scanned.

For REST-operations that are configured, three handlers will be registered which will log data during a REST-call: for request, response, and response-payload.

Configure a REST-Operation

To configure an operation, add its operationId into the values-files of Helm and execute an upgrade. Also see Guide - Operate Intershop Order Management 3.X.

The operationId can be found in the REST-API specification. Also see Overview - Intershop Order Management REST API.


OperationId createOrder

When configuring the operationId createOrder the following output is available:

  • by the request-handler

  • by the response-handler

OperationId updateTransmission

The response-payload when using operationId updateTransmissions may look like:


For REST-API before IOM 2.13 check OrderMessageLogDO in the database.

Furthermore, since IOM 2.13, the following operationIds cannot be used currently:

  • cache-api
    • getCacheStatesgetCacheStatusdeleteCache
  • rma-api
    • getContactPersonsgetReturnRequestItems
  • schedule-api
    • scheduleUpdategetSchedulesgetSchedule

Also, gzip-compression is not supported yet.


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