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IOM 5.0
Public Release Note - Intershop Order Management 5.X


Welcome to Intershop Order Management 5

Intershop Order Management (IOM) is an application of the Intershop Commerce Platform that is designed to combine omni-channel commerce processes into one system. It automates and streamlines the life cycle of orders and payments. IOM processes orders from multiple touchpoints (web shop, mobile shop, call center, etc.), allocates them to multiple fulfillment solutions (fulfillment centers, drop-ship distributors, physical stores, etc.), and tracks all orders and payment transactions.

IOM offers a centralized platform for managing distributed inventory, order, invoice, and payment life cycles, and provides call center functionality, enabling real-time visibility of customers' purchasing behavior, stock levels, payments, etc. As part of the Intershop Commerce Platform, it utilizes the platform's transaction, PIM, and merchandising features.

IOM offers the possibility to tailor your business models as flexibly and freely as you need and depict them in your e-commerce environment. The order management system adjusts the order processing for various sales channels and suppliers and can be seamlessly integrated with existing components of your IT environment.

General Information

Release IOM 5.1


What’s New

Added Configuration Option for Encryption of Communication with Mail Server

Starting with IOM 5.1.0, there is the ability to explicitly define the type of encryption to be used for communication with the mail server. IOM Helm Charts 3.1.0 are required to use this new feature. IOM Helm Charts now provide the new configuration option oms.smtp.encryption that allows the configuration of this feature.

See for more information.


Release IOM 5.1.3

Fixed Issue

  • IOM back office: Invoice detail page: Invoice and manual credit note creation form shows charges not related to invoice (96860)

Release IOM 5.1.2

Fixed Issue

  • IOM back office: Customer detail page: orders unsorted (96382)

Release IOM 5.1.1

Fixed Defects

  • Deadlocks are always possible when running a migration online (95660)

  • Back office: editing a product leads to duplicated shop product ID (95193)

  • Back office: resending of e-mail fails in back office after changing e-mail address (95458)

  • Attribute name mismatch with expanded SalesPriceCalculatorBeanDefDO (95834)

Release IOM 5.0


What’s New

Major Enhancements


Release IOM 5.0.3

Fixed Defects

  • DOSE supplier evaluations are created for suppliers not having the product yet (94949)

Release IOM 5.0.2

Fixed Defects

  • Blocked stock is not visible in the back office for hierarchical stock feature (94596)

  • Shop2SupplierDO."allowParentStock" must not be nullable (94641)

  • Too many blocked stocks can be reduced during cancellation if you use the function for hierarchical stock feature (94702)

Release IOM 5.0.1

Fixed Defects

  • DOSE process does not consider all possible suppliers when using hierarchical stocks (93998)

  • Precautionary update of JDBC driver due to CVE-2024-1597 (94211)

  • Default DOSE process does not check for inactive Shop2SupplierDOs (94222)

Fixed Defects

  • InvoicingControllerBeans do not consider wait states (84518)

  • Usage of sequence generators with an allocation size > 1 is wrongly implemented (86950)

  • ShopCustomerMailTransmissionDO.transmissionResponseErrorText is not shown in the back office (88771)

  • Deployment of projects should fail due to not persisted expanded enumerations (90952)

  • Status transition from STATE_CHECKED to STATE_CANCELED not possible (91607)

  • Resending payment notification transmissions can lead to inconsistent object states (91632)

  • Error while trying to access an article price history in the back office (92311)

  • Create return request endpoint returns HTTP 500 when customAttributes is not set (92623)

Known Issues

  • User session breaks in application server restart (80538).

  • Rounding errors expected when computing totals from tax rate if not given on order creation (80799).

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