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1 Introduction

Intershop Order Management (IOM) has the ability to configure approval processes in order to interrupt the overall processes, e.g., the Order Business Processes, for various reasons (e.g., authorization, fraud prevention etc.). This document describes the basic concepts of approvals within the IOM. The target audience are consultants and developers.

1.1 Glossary

IOMThe abbreviation for Intershop Order Management
OMSThe abbreviation for Order Management System, the technical name of the IOM
OMTThe abbreviation for Order Management Tool, the graphical management tool of the IOM
Return requestAlso return announcement, a request from a customer to the seller for sending back products of a previously delivered order
RMAThe abbreviation for Return Merchandise Authorization or Return Material Authorization

1.2 References

2 RMA Approval Process

The purpose of the RMA Approval Process is to interrupt the Return Request Business Process for the reason of authorization. Based on the configuration, see Cookbook - IOM RMA Business Process, for the shop, the Approve a Return Request process validates whether an approval for a return request is necessary or not. If necessary, the return request keeps in a DO_APPROVE state, until it is approved or rejected by a user in the OMT or by a 3rd party system with the help of the IOM REST API - RMA, see Overview - Intershop Order Management REST API.

By default, all return requests will be exported in the Transmit a Return Request process. In order to prevent rejected return request from being exported, the export could be configured. For further details, see Reference - IOM ImpEx Export RMA.


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