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gets a specific configuration parameter from a pagelet; with sharing and overriding

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This function is available from ICM 7.10.24.


The function effectiveConfigurationParameter() is used to get a specific configuration parameter from a pagelet. The sharing path is taken into account, so if it has been overwritten, the effective configuration parameter is returned.

However, in most cases, the business Logic of the ICM already resolves these parameters when returning Pagelets, Slots and so on. This function is only required in corner cases, where the specific views can not be generated and/or accessed.





The following example shows how to get the title of a Pagelet including sharing and overriding lookup in a specific Domain domain.

#effectiveConfigurationParameter(Pagelet, "Title", domain)#

For this example, it is assumed that the pagelet is created in a parent domain of domain with a title "Foo". In this case #Pagelet:Title# would be "Foo".

The pagelet is shared into domain, and there the title is overwritten with "Bar". If requested in this domain, #Pagelet:Title# would be still "Foo", but with the code above, "Bar" will be printed.



The object holding the configuration parameter, e.g. a pagelet, slot, pagelet entry point or view context.


The name of a parameter which should be resolved.


The domain, in which the parameter should be resolved. It is optional, if not present, the requests current domain will be used.


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