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1 Introduction

ISML Custom Tags are defined in files. These tags can be used if your cartridge depends on the cartridge with the corresponding file.
Using Custom Tags defined in files tags provides a significant performance increase compared to referencing modules.isml files.


Tag definitions based on the properties files are available only if you configure the Intershop Studio for Intershop of version 6.7 or higher.

2 ISML Custom Tags

TitleValid FromValid ToDescriptionLastmodified
ISML Custom Tag - ISCONTENTINCLUDE6.7 directly includes content into the storefront2020/02/04 13:16:10
ISML Custom Tag - ISCREATEPLACEHOLDERRENDEREVENTS7.7 Creates the necessary render events for pagelets that are assigned to placeholders (in case they are not rendered with <ISSlot>).2020/02/04 13:16:11
ISML Custom Tag - ISGETPAGELETENTRYPOINT6.7 returns a Pagelet Entry Point object2020/02/04 13:16:12
ISML Custom Tag - ISGETPAGELETSOFPAGELETENTRYPOINT6.7 iterates all available pagelets of pagelet entry point and stores the key for the iterable objects in the pipeline dictionary2020/02/04 13:16:12
ISML Custom Tag - ISPAGELET6.7 directly renders a component2020/02/04 13:16:13
ISML Custom Tag - ISPAGELETASSIGNMENT7.7 directly renders a component based on an assignment2020/02/04 13:16:14
ISML Custom Tag - ISPAGELETENTRYPOINT6.7 directly renders the content of a given pagelet entry point2020/02/04 13:16:14
ISML Custom Tag - ISRENDERENTITYRENDERINGEND6.7 states that the rendering of the given render object has finished2020/02/04 13:16:15
ISML Custom Tag - ISRENDERENTITYRENDERINGSTART6.7 states that the rendering of the given render object starts2020/02/04 13:16:16
ISML Custom Tag - ISSETCANONICALLINK7.4 calculates a canonical link and puts it in the pipeline dictionary2020/02/04 13:16:16
ISML Custom Tag - ISSETCANONICALLINK (until 7.3)6.77.3calculates a canonical link and puts it in the pipeline dictionary2020/02/04 13:16:17
ISML Custom Tag - ISSLOT6.7 requests the contents of a slot from within the pagelet's render template2020/02/04 13:16:18
ISML Custom Tag - ISSLOTITERATOR6.7 Wraps the contents of a slot as an iterator object2020/02/04 13:16:18
ISML Custom Tag - ISUUID6.7 generates a single UUID string for a given name2020/02/04 13:16:19
ISML Custom Tag - ISVIEWCONTEXT7.1 The module to trigger object rendering via view contexts in ISML.2020/02/04 13:16:20

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