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returns the plain text behind a given language neutral key

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These functions are used to localize an attribute value of a (possibly custom) ISML tag. For that purpose localizeTextEx() returns the plain text behind a given language neutral key.


The following variations of the localizeTextEx() function are possible:

localizeTextEx(key : String, ParameterList(params ... : Object)) : String
localizeTextEx(key : String, locale : String, ParameterList(params ... : Object)) : String
localizeTextEx(key : String, locale : String, site : Domain, ParameterList(params ... : Object)) : String


<ISMessageBox message="#localizeText('product.delete.ok.cancel', 'en_GB')#"
  subject="page" type="mdc" okbtnname="#localizeText('button.delete')#"
  cancelbtnname="#localizeText('button.cancelDelete')#" colspan="1">
<ISMessageBox message="#localizeTextEx('', ParameterList(Product:sku))#"
  subject="page" type="mdc" okbtnname="#localizeText('button.ok')#" colspan="1">


The function accepts the following arguments:


key = string
a unique key for a translation


locale = string
an optional parameter to get the translation in a specific locale


site = string
an optional parameter indicating for which site the translated text should be presented


params = string
In contrast to localizeText()the localizeTextEx() function supports another parameter named params that can be assigned an array of Objects to be injected into the translation.

Reference - ISML Functions


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