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generates a URL that is part of a link to the PWA application

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This function is available from ICM 7.10.21.

1 Introduction

The function pwaURL() is used in a template to dynamically generate a URL that is part of a link to the PWA application. The PWA base URL is configured in the property ExternalApplicationBaseURL.

2 Syntax

pwaURL(<urlPath>, [<pwaQueryParameter>]...)

3 Example

The following example shows how to generate the link to /products?SKU=foo&category=bar for the PWA in the Backoffice:

<a src="#pwaURL('/products', pwaQueryParameter('SKU', 'foo'), pwaQueryParameter('category', 'bar'))#">To Product</a>

When the template is processed, the generated link replaces the ISML expression like (e.g. with "http://localhost:4200" set as base path):

<a src="http://localhost:4200/products?SKU=foo&category=bar">To Product</a>

4 Parameters

4.1 urlPath

The path reference to a specific page in the PWA.

4.2 pwaQueryParameter

This optional parameter can be used multiple times. Each pwaQueryParameter will hold a key and a value to generate HTTP Query Parameters.

Reference - ISML Functions


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