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Reference - ISML Template Variables

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Template variables are placeholders for dynamic content used in ISML Expressions. They are used to refer to data stored in the pipeline dictionary and to be displayed on the page generated from the template. The pipeline dictionary stores these data objects as keyvalue pairs. Via the key, template variables identify a data object in the pipeline dictionary.

Notation of Template Variables

If the data object is simple, e.g., a string, it can be identified directly through the key, e.g., #ProductID#.

If the data object is complex, the key must be further specified by a colon-separated list of attributes. The simple example #Product:Name#is shown below.

<ISPRINT value="#Product:Name#">

More Complex Template Variables

A slightly more complex example is shown below.

<isprint value="#Profile:AddressBook:DefaultAddress:City#">

More complex still is the possibility to pass arguments to a data object:

<isset name="AddressName" value="Address1">
<isprint value="#Profile:AddressBook:AddressByName(AddressName):City#">

Loop Variables

A special kind of template variables are so-called loop variables. Loop variables refer to an iterator object in the pipeline dictionary or the current session. Loop variables can only be used within a loop defined via the <ISLOOP>tag, as shown below.

<isloop iterator="Hotdeals" alias="hds" preview="1">
 <isprint value="#hds:name#"><br>

Template variables use object path expressions. See Reference - Object Path Expressionsfor a detailed description.

Reference - ISML Reference


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