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returns the value of a cookie containing a request's path data

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1 Introduction

Every time the client sends a request to the server and a cookie is defined for the requested path, the cookie is also sent to the server with the current request. The function getCookie() returns the value of such a cookie. You need to specify the name of the desired cookie as a function attribute. In case a cookie with the specified name has not been received, the function returns an empty string. See ISML Tag - ISCOOKIEabout information on how to create a cookie on the client side.

2 Syntax

getCookie( <Key String - operation> )

3 Example

The example below first checks if a cookie with the MyCookie name exists, then it prints out the value of the specified cookie.

<ISIF condition = "#isDefined(getCookie('MyCookie'))#">
 <ISPRINT value = "#getCookie('MyCookie')#">

Reference - ISML Functions


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