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RMA Export - Split by Supplier

From now on the out-of-the-box (XML) export for RMA transmissions will only include positions that were assigned to the supplier referenced in the transmission configuration.


  • CommunicationPartnerDO is configured - sendingPartnerReferrer = SHOP, receivingPartnerReferrer = SUPPLIER_X. The export will filter out all ReturnAnnouncementPosDOs that do not belong to order positions assigned to SUPPLIER_X.
  • CommunicationPartnerDO is configured - sendingPartnerReferrer = SHOP, receivingPartnerReferrer = (null). The export will not be filtered - XML contains all ReturnAnnouncementPosDOs.


This change only applies to the mapping itself - the creation of ReturnAnnouncementTransmissionDOs (RATDO) has not been changed. IOM will create a RATDO for every configured CommunicationPartnerDO, independently of the SupplierDOs that are actually assigned to order positions.


  • Order contains positions for SUPPLIER_A only
  • CommunicationPartnerDOs exist for receivingPartnerReferrer = SUPPLIER_A and SUPPLIER_B
  • After creating a ReturnAnnouncementDO for any position, IOM will create two RATDOs - for SUPPLIER_A and SUPPLIER_B!

The export for SUPPLIER_B will fail with an error in this case (no matching positions = empty position list). To prevent this, implement and configure a DecisionBean method 

isExecutionRequired(ReturnAnnouncementDO, CommunicationPartnerDO)

that only triggers the creation of RATDOs for ReturnAnnouncementDOs that reference order positions for that particular CommunicationPartner / Supplier.


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