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Guide - IOM 4.7 - 5.0 Migration


This guide lists all migrations required from Intershop Order Management 4.7 to 5.0. The document is aimed at project developers.

IOM Helm Charts 3 and WildFly 30

Stronger Check on Unpersisted Enum Values during Startup

This change was introduced in IOM 4.2.0, but the startup check did not work and has been fixed in this release.

The deployment now only modifies possible differences in persisted enumerations, but it throws an exception if the value has not yet been persisted and stops the deployment.
Therefore, it is necessary to write an SQL migration script to add these new values to the database, in addition to the Java definition. Check out the iom-blueprint-project/001_ExpandedEnumerations.sql in relation to the affected Expanded*.java files in iom-blueprint-project/enums/expand/. For details about changes to these Java files, see

The modification do not impact already deployed projects. However, missing enum definitions in existing configuration scripts can hinder new deployments, such as creating a new test environment.


This list does not claim to be exhaustive regarding Java API, which is primarily handled via the usual Java deprecation process.


  • The flag activeOMT has been removed from:

    • ExecutionBeanKeyDefDOEnumInterface, ExecutionBeanKeyDefDO, and must be removed from your ExpandedExecutionBeanKeyDefDO and/or business configuration

    • CommunicationDO and must be removed from your business configuration

  • usedInAdmintool and usedInArticleExportConfig have been removed from LanguageDefDO

  • Also, check your mail templates for at least removed get|setCustomerAddressLO() of ShopUserMailLO, use getShippingAddresses() instead (69745)

This list does not claim to be exhaustive regarding Java API, which is primarily handled via the usual Java deprecation process.

  • Removals in TransmissionLogicService (92917)

  • Removed deprecated bakery.util.enums.SortingOrder, use com.intershop.oms.utils.enums.SortingOrder instead (92793)

  • Removed deprecated removePromotionDependencies(), setShopSumTax(), setTaxDO() of OrderChargeDO (92611)

  • Removed deprecated *ExecutionBeanKeyDefDO.activeOMT w/o replacement (75795)

  • Removed deprecated *UtilsBean, PersistenceUtils, and methods in FileUtils and StringUtil (93307)

  • Removed deprecated attributes usedInAdmintool and usedInArticleExportConfig of LanguageDefDO (75794)

  • Removed deprecated bakery.persistence.common.util.MessageProducerPT, use MessagingService instead (93309)

  • Removed deprecated class OmsPath, use IOMSharedFileSystem instead (47410)

  • Removed deprecated CustomerMapperInBean 1.0 (92874)

  • Removed deprecated EnumInitiator.ADMINTOOL and InitiatorDefDO.ADMINTOOL w/o replacement (92860)

  • Removed deprecated getShippingAddress() of OrderDetails and OrderDetailsVO (57912)

  • Removed deprecated getTaxDO() of InvoicingSalesPricePosDO, InvoicingSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPricePosDO and PaymentSalesPriceChargeDO (63339)

  • Removed deprecated get|setCarrier() of OrderDO, use get|setCarrier() of ShippingBucketDO instead (58007)

  • Removed deprecated get|setCustomerAddressLO() of ShopUserMailLO, use getShippingAddresses() instead (69745)

  • Removed deprecated get|setEnumCurrency() for several Classes, use get|setCurrencyISO3() instead (57862)

  • Removed deprecated get|setInvoicePositions() and addCreditNoteItemInvoicePos() of CreditNoteOrderGrouping, use methods of CreditNoteOrderShippingBucketGrouping instead (58790)

  • Removed deprecated get|setOrderPropertyList of OrderDO, get|setShippingBucketPropertyList() of ShippingBucketDO and get|setOrderPosPropertyList() of OrderPosDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead (61759)

  • Removed deprecated get|setResponsePosPropertyList of ResponsePosDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead (61885)

  • Removed deprecated get|setShopPosTax(), get|setTaxDO(), get|setRecalculatedShopPosTax() of OrderPosDO use the new tax-collections instead (58111)

  • Removed deprecated get|setSubOrder(), get|setShopPosTax(), setTaxDO(), getRecalculatedShopPosTax() of OrderPosDO (57909)

  • Removed deprecated ImportArticlePersistenceService.doVacuum w/o replacement (93669)

  • Removed deprecated IOMSharedFileSystem.IMPORTARTICLE_ARCHIVE (93399)

  • Removed deprecated methods in (92317)

  • Removed deprecated OrderDO.getOrderAddress(), use getOrderAddressList() instead (56311)

  • Removed deprecated OrderPersistenceService.loadOrderPositions() returning OrderPositionsWithTaxAndCharges, use loadOrderShippingBucketsWithTaxesAndPromotions() instead (58589)

  • Removed deprecated OrderPersistenceService.loadOrderPositions(), getShippingBucketById(), loadOrderShippingBucketsWithTaxesAndPromotions, and loadOrderShippingBuckets(), use OrderLogicService.loadOrderShippingBuckets instead (92787)

  • Removed deprecated RightDefDO.INACTIVE_SHOPS_SUPPLIER (51077)

  • Removed deprecated RightDefDO.valueOf(Integer), use RightDefDOEnumInterface instead (52949)

  • Removed deprecated set|isManuallyCorrected() and set|isDifferenceAt*() of ResponsePosDO, use get|setIsManuallyCorrected() and get|setIsDifferenceAt*() instead (61883)

  • Removed deprecated ShopDO.getCurrencyNameByShopCurrencyName() (58350)

  • Removed deprecated SOAP OrderService (58974)

  • Removed deprecated SOAP OrderStateService (50622)

  • Removed deprecated SOAP ReservationService (50881)

  • Removed deprecated SOAP ReturnService (50981)

  • Removed deprecated SOAP ShopService (50980)

  • Removed deprecated usage of quartz-jobs-cluster.xml for customization, use quartz-jobs-custom.xml instead (58096)

  • Removed deprecations introduced with IOM 1.0 (93401)

  • Removed DispatchDO.getDispatchPosList(), ReturnDO.getReturnPosList(), OrderCancelDO.getOrderPosCancelList(), ResponseDO.getResponsePosList() (92684)

  • Removed obsolete ImpexImportPT.processDatapackContent() and processGenerateMediaFile(), replaced by processDatapackPanda (92797)

  • Removed obsolete ImportArticleDO.get|setTaxTypeDefDO() and get|setTaxTypeDefRef() (71805)

  • Removed obsolete ArchiveImportArticleMediaDO, ArticleMediaDO, ArticleMediaContentDetailsVO, ArticleMediaLinkVO, and ArticleMediaVO (92674)

  • Removed obsolete classes bakery.article.v1.ArticleMedia* and bakery.article.v1.ArticlePictureUploadParameters (92671)

  • Removed obsolete feature article pictures/media (71406)

  • Removed obsolete getActiveCommunicationDO4OMT() and getExclusiveCommunicationDOActiveForOMTByRole() from CommunicationPartner*Service w/o replacement (92285)

  • Removed obsolete loadArticleMedia*(), deleteMediaLink(), getArticleMediaDO(), saveArticleMediaDO(), getArticelMedia*() of ArticlePersistenceService (92675)

  • Removed obsolete loadArticleMedia*(), deleteMediaLink(), saveMediaLink(), saveArticleMediaContentDetails(), getArticleCreateArticlePicture(), deleteArticleMedium(), and saveArticleMediaInfos() of ArticleSecurityService (92677)

  • Removed obsolete saveMediaLink(), saveArtivleMediaContentDetails(), getArticleMediaViews(), getArticleMediaUploadTarget(), createArticlePicture(), setArticleMediaInfos(), and deleteArticleMedium() of ArticleLogicService (92673)

  • Removed obsolete SOAP ImmaterialOrderStateService (91830)

  • Removed obsolete SOAP RedownloadService (91831)

  • Removed obsolete SOAP ValidateArticleService (91832)

  • Removed deprecated/obsolete RightSO.getShops(), getSupplier() and hasShops() (92800)

  • Removed SalesPriceShippingLO, InvoicingSalesPriceShippingDO, PaymentSalesPriceShippingDO, and PaymentSalesPricePosDO.get|setPaymentSalesPriceShippingDO, InvoicingSalesPricePosDO.get|setsetInvoicingSalesPriceShippingDO (92320)

  • Removed selected deprecated property list methods, SupplierOrder.getPositions(), and Shop2SupplierDO.getSupplierSupportsCOD() (93198)

  • Removed support for log.metadata.tenant and log.metadata.environment (91368)

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