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This guide lists all migrations required from Intershop Order Management 4.4 to 4.5. The document is aimed at project developers.

Manual Deployment Step

Attention Refer to the manual deployment step of release 4.3.5 (also mentioned in 4.4.1), if not already done, see Public Release Note - Intershop Order Management 4.X | Release IOM 4.3.5.

Optional - Housekeeping the Shared File System

When using the IOM 4.5.0 release, three core schedules will be created with the database migration for files of importarticle/done, importarticle/archive, and jobs/archive.
In the migration, if you have less than 3 instances of ShopDO, retention for importarticle/done, importarticle/archive will be set to 28 days.
Otherwise, no retention will be set and projects need to find appropriate threshold values for their needs. For more information refer to Cookbook - IOM Housekeeping the Shared File System and Reference - IOM Schedule Jobs.

Optional - Remove Workaround for PropertyOwner.setProperty

With fix 31310, PropertyOwner.setProperty() will now update already existing properties instead of creating new ones.
The workaround code in projects to prevent the double setting of properties can be removed now.


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