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This guide lists all migrations required from Intershop Order Management 4.5 to 4.6. The document is aimed at project developers.

Database Migration Down Time.

This database migration from 4.5 to 4.6 can only be performed when the application is down. It is expected to run under 5 minutes.

Register Order States Modification Times

With the new endpoint to retrieve last modified orders, you may need to adapt your custom code for the case when you bypass the registration of order states changes.
However, changes are collected internally on given state modifications of objects appearing in the order states. It is hence likely that code modification is not required.
Cookbook - IOM Order API, endpoint order-states/modified

Modified Health Check Service

Reference - IOM REST API - Health Service 1.0

The endpoint health/clusterstatus is deprecated since IOM 4.6.0 and will be removed timely. Moreover, the application-server status check is now synchronized.
Two cluster properties should be adapted:

  • Every 6 hours (the feature is unused and should be removed in the next version)

  • Deprecated (since="4.6.0", forRemoval=true), use a large default interval (6 hours) until removal of /system-property=is.oms.healthcheck.recurringtime: "21600000"

  • Deprecated (since="4.6.0", forRemoval=true), /system-property=is.oms.healthcheck.cachelivetime: "21700000"


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