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returns a Pagelet Entry Point object

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Conceptually, a page entry point itself is empty and cannot be rendered. It is the set of intra-page artifacts that will embody a certain appearance of a page entry point at the given circumstances (i.e. request time, personalization, etc). For all the different kinds of pages, the rendering starts with the selection of a PageletAssignment. The selection of the page entry point depends on what kind of page needs to be rendered.

<ISGETPAGELETENTRYPOINT> is used to determine such a page entry point.


  PageletEntryPointID = "( {ISML expression} )"
  PageletEntryPointUUID = "( {String} | {ISML expression} )"


<ISGETPAGELETENTRYPOINT> returns a PageletEntryPoint object identified by one of the two optional parameters. The return value of the PageletEntryPoint is a pipline dictionary key by which the object can be called.
With the page object it is possible to render the page object or to produce a list of links to realize a navigation over the sub pages of the found page object.


The UUID of the page entry point (optional).


The ID of the page entry point (optional).

Reference - ISML Custom Tags


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