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directly includes content into the storefront

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1 Introduction

During runtime content entry points can be realized by POs. So they are passive objects. That is they cannot render by themselves. Therefore, the CMS comes along with facilities to embed component entry points in the storefront. In this way, components can be bound to the storefront by a particular ISML tag, <ISCONTENTINCLUDE>.

2 Syntax

  ID = "( {String} | {ISML expression} )"
  ResourceSet = "( {String} | {ISML expression} )"

3 Example

<ISCONTENTINCLUDE> initiates the render process (including call parameter evaluation) for the component entry point object identified by the ID value.

<isContentInclude ID="ysteminclude.expressShop.pagelet2-Include">


<isContentInclude ID="systeminclude.dialog.giftMessage.pagelet2-Include" ResourceSet="app_sf_responsive"> 

4 Attributes

The tag has to be configured with the ID of the content entry point to be rendered. This can be done either literally or dynamically by using an ISML expression.

Starting with Intershop 7.6

With Intershop 7.6 the new attribute ResourceSet has been introduced that is now an optional companion to the ID parameter. Providing the ResourceSet prevents potential ambiguity for resolving the content entry point.

4.1 ID

The ID of the content entry point to be rendered.

4.2 ResourceSet


Valid for Intershop Commerce Suite 7.6 or later.

Usually the cartridge ID of the content entry point that uniquely identifies a system-managed content include.

Reference - ISML Custom Tags


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