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calculates a canonical link and puts it in the pipeline dictionary

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This custom tag calculates a canonical link and puts it in the pipeline dictionary (default) or in the current session.

Canonical links are used by search engines. If in a site different URL's return the same content, the canonical link found on this page is used to index the content. Missing of such a canonical link may compromise the ranking of the site. Canonical links should be free of any additional user specific identifiers, e.g., sessionIDs, PGIDs, etc.


  action = "( {String} | {ISML expression} )"
  parameters = "( {String} | {ISML expression} )"
  name = "( {simple name} )"
  scope = "( request | session )"
  protocol = "( http | https )"


 <issetcanonicallink scope="request" name="CanonicalLink" protocol="http" action="ViewStandardCatalog-Browse"
  parameters="#ParameterList(Parameter('CategoryDomainName', CategoryBO:DomainName),
    Parameter('CategoryName', CategoryBO:Name))#">


The following attributes can be used to configure <ISSETCANONICALLINK> tag.

A string used to construct URL pipeline action (required).

A parameter list used to construct the URL (optional).

The name under which the canonical URL will be stored in the dictionary or session (required).

The attribute scope specifies if the link should be stored to the session or the pipeline dictionary. By default the link is stored in the pipeline dictionary (optional). The use is similar to <ISSET>

The attribute protocol specifies if the link should use the protocol http, https or the protocol of the current request URL. (optional)

If parameter protocol is not defined this ISML tag acts as it did before the change. (uses the protocol of the current request URL)

Reference - ISML Custom Tags


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