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requests the contents of a slot from within the pagelet's render template

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The <ISSLOT> tag allows to request the contents (technically meaning all PageletAssignment objects) of a slot from within the pagelet's render template. This implies that the Java code behind the tag uses information that is provided by some slot definition:

  1. Is a pagelet pipeline given?
    • Yes: "Component Assignments" are enabled?
    • Yes: Carry on as if the slot object is a filter slot.
    • No: Carry on as if the slot object is a dynamic slot.
    • No: Ask the slot object to return all PageletAssignments
  2. Apply upper boundary constraints

The result of such check will be an ordered set of PageletAssignments renderable at a given time. So all contents will be rendered implicitly by the invocation of the pagelet containing this slot.


  slot = "( {String} | {ISML expression} )"


  <isif condition="#(isDefined(PageletConfigurationParameters:bodyId))#">
    id="<isprint value="#PageletConfigurationParameters:bodyId#">"</isif>
  <isif condition="#(isDefined(PageletConfigurationParameters:bodyClass))#">
    class="<isprint value="#PageletConfigurationParameters:bodyClass#">"
  <isslot slot="slot.main.Content.pagelet2-Slot">


The <ISSLOT> tag has a mandatory attribute named slot. In the example above the HTML markup produced by the contents of the slot slot.main.Content.pagelet2-Slot is inserted at the tag's position.


A qualified name refering to the slot definition is expected to be used as value for that attribute.

Reference - ISML Custom Tags


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