Public Release Note - SolrCloud Search Service Adapter 2

1 Introduction

The SolrCloud Search Service Adapter connects the Intershop Commerce Management (ICM) with a Solr server that runs in cloud mode. It replaces the Solr search service adapter delivered with the ICM release and uses a more recent version of Solr and its features. The search index configuration and maintenance in the ICM back office is almost the same but uses the Schema- and ConfigSet-REST-APIs provided by the newer Solr server version. Thus, the Solr Server is separated and independent of the ICM application server cluster.

1.1 References

1.2 Version Information and Dependencies

Intershop Commerce ManagementSolrCloud Search Service AdapterSolr Server
7.10.16+, 8.6

Listed Solr server versions were tested to work with the listed SolrCloud Adapter version. In general, minor and patch version upgrades of the Solr server are usually compatible with the adapter.

The following table lists the cartridges contained in the SolrCloud Adapter:

ac_solr_cloudThe main implementation cartridge of the adapter defining and registering the search service.(tick)
ac_solr_cloud_boAdditional functionality for the Commerce Management application. It provides additional configuration options for the index management, especially for suggest and spell-check.(tick)
solrcloud_configAdditional configuration to be deployed to share.(tick)

2 Deployment

The cartridges need to be deployed as a replacement of the Solr cartridges delivered by default (ac_search_solr, ac_search_solr_bo). These are part of the ICM component set f_business or (better to say) intershop7 assembly. Starting with ICM version, the Responsive Starter Store is preconfigured to use the SolrCloud Search Service Adapter by default. Please see the Cookbook - Deployment of Solr Search Adapters on how to setup your project using ICM and higher. For previous ICM versions please follow the Recipe - Setup project using Solr Cloud. The deployment of the SolrCloud Adapter 2.0.0 requires additional deployment of solrcloud_config. Add the 'com.intershop.solrcloud:solrcloud_config' line to the includes of the share host type.

The SolrCloud Search Service Adapter requires a Solr server that runs in cloud mode. Please see the Guide - Deployment Solr Cloud Server on how to setup a Solr server for development or production. This guide also provides information on how to configure ICM to use a Solr server.

3 Data Replication

The data replication of indexes has changed with this adapter implementation. The standard ICM file replication is not used anymore to replicate the index data. Instead, the adapter comes with its own replication decorator that uses the backup/restore collection API functionality of Solr. Please see Guide - Solr Replication for the description and configuration of the index replication with the SolrCloud server.


Data replication with a Solr Cloud cluster requires to mount a shared file system at the same path on each Solr node. The ICM must configure the property solr.cloudBackupLocation to point to this shared location.

4 Changelog

4.1 Release 2.2.1

4.1.1 Bug Fixes

4.2 Release 2.2.0

4.2.1 Solr Server 8.6

The Solr Server version 8.6.0 in conjunction with data replication requires to set the backup location as an allowed path for the Solr server cluster. You can specify the allowed paths by setting a system property via environment in the startup script:
SOLR_OPTS="$SOLR_OPTS -Dsolr.allowPaths=/mnt/solr_backup"

Please see also the respective Solr Upgrade Notes.

4.2.2 Improvements

4.2.3 Bug Fixes

4.3 Release 2.1.2

4.3.1 Bug Fixes

4.4 Release 2.1.1

4.4.1 Bug Fixes

4.5 Release 2.1.0

4.5.1 Improvements

4.5.2 Bug Fixes

4.6 Release 2.0.3

4.6.1 Bug Fixes

4.7 Release 2.0.2

4.7.1 Improvements

4.7.2 Bug Fixes

4.8 Release 2.0.0

4.8.1 Improvements

4.8.2 Bug Fixes


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