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IOM 3.4

Guide - IOM 3.4 Deprecations and Removals

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1 Deprecations

Key Summary
IOM-10985 Deprecated "tenant" and "environment" in meta-data of logs, DataDog will inject instead
IOM-10977 Deprecated usage of PostgreSQL 10.X
IOM-10965 Deprecated obsolete get|setEnumTaxType() and get|setTaxInPercentage() of ArticleSupplierShopDetailsVO
IOM-10964 Deprecated obsolete getEnumTaxType() of SharedArticleSupplierShopDetails and getTaxInPercentage() of ArticleSupplierShopDetailsView
IOM-10956 Deprecated get|setOrderPropertyList of OrderDO, get|setShippingBucketPropertyList() of ShippingBucketDO and get|setOrderPosPropertyList() of OrderPosDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead
IOM-10954 Deprecated isCorrected() of OrderDO, use get|setIsCorrected() instead
IOM-10945 Deprecated obsolete SalesPriceShippingLO, InvoicingSalesPriceShippingDO, PaymentSalesPriceShippingDO
IOM-10944 Deprecated get|setTaxDO() of SalesPricePosLO, InvoicingSalesPricePosDO, InvoicingSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPricePosDO, use get|setSalesPriceTaxItemList() instead
IOM-10943 Deprecated get|setTaxDO() of SalesPricePos, SalesPriceCharge and SalesPriceShipping, use get|setSalesPriceTaxItemList instead
IOM-10942 Deprecated getSalesSumSubGross() and getPositionSalesSumGross() of SalesPriceTax, SalesPriceTaxLO and InvoicingSalesPriceTaxDO
IOM-10941 Deprecated constructor TaxAmountVO(BigDecimal, BigDecimal, Integer), use another constructor instead
IOM-10940 Deprecated getTaxDOByAmountAndCountryAndDate() of TaxPersistenceService
IOM-10938 Deprecated get|setCountryDefDO() and get|setCountryDefRef of TaxDO, use location instead
IOM-10936 Deprecated name() and getInternalEnum() of TaxTypeDefDO()
IOM-10935 Deprecated static attributes of TaxTypeDefDO of type TaxTypeDefDO, use the static replacements for NAME and ID instead
IOM-10934 Deprecated setTaxTypeDefDO() of TaxDO, AmountClassDO, ArticleSupplierShopDO, ClassificationTaxMappingDO, Shop2TaxTypeDefDO, SupplierTaxTypeDefDO, FinanceController2TaxTypeDefDO, use setTaxTypeDO() instead
IOM-10933 Deprecated getTaxList() of ShopDO, use TaxPersistenceService instead
IOM-10927 Deprecated getTaxDOByShopTaxType() and getTaxDOByShopTax...() of TaxDO, use TaxPersistenceService instead
IOM-10925 Deprecated getTaxTypeDefDO() of ImportArticleDO
IOM-10867 Deprecated obsolete get|setTaxTypeDefDO()|Ref() of ArticleSupplierShopDO
IOM-7932 Deprecated getTaxDO() and getTaxValue() of OrderPosDO, OrderChargeDO

2 Removals


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