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IOM 3.4
Guide - IOM 3.4 Deprecations and Removals

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41739[IOM-7932] Deprecated getTaxDO() and getTaxValue() of OrderPosDO, OrderChargeDO, InvoicingSalesPricePosDO, InvoicingSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPricePosDO, PaymentSalesPriceChargeDO
60917[IOM-10867] Deprecated obsolete get|setTaxTypeDefDO()|Ref() of ArticleSupplierShopDO
61553[IOM-10925] Deprecated getTaxTypeDefDO() of ImportArticleDO
61555[IOM-10927] Deprecated getTaxDOByShopTaxType() and getTaxDOByShopTax...() of TaxDO, use TaxPersistenceService instead
61573[IOM-10933] Deprecated getTaxList() of ShopDO, use TaxPersistenceService instead
61608[IOM-10934] Deprecated setTaxTypeDefDO() of TaxDO, AmountClassDO, ArticleSupplierShopDO, ClassificationTaxMappingDO, Shop2TaxTypeDefDO, SupplierTaxTypeDefDO, FinanceController2TaxTypeDefDO, use setTaxTypeDO() instead
61609[IOM-10935] Deprecated static attributes of TaxTypeDefDO of type TaxTypeDefDO, use the static replacements for NAME and ID instead
61610[IOM-10936] Deprecated name() and getInternalEnum() of TaxTypeDefDO()
61620[IOM-10938] Deprecated get|setCountryDefDO() and get|setCountryDefRef of TaxDO, use location instead
61633[IOM-10940] Deprecated getTaxDOByAmountAndCountryAndDate() of TaxPersistenceService
61634[IOM-10941] Deprecated constructor TaxAmountVO(BigDecimal, BigDecimal, Integer), use another constructor instead
61639[IOM-10942] Deprecated getSalesSumSubGross() and getPositionSalesSumGross() of SalesPriceTax, SalesPriceTaxLO and InvoicingSalesPriceTaxDO
61642[IOM-10943] Deprecated get|setTaxDO() of SalesPricePos, SalesPriceCharge and SalesPriceShipping, use get|setSalesPriceTaxItemList instead
61644[IOM-10944] Deprecated get|setTaxDO() of SalesPricePosLO, InvoicingSalesPricePosDO, InvoicingSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPricePosDO, use get|setSalesPriceTaxItemList() instead
61645[IOM-10945] Deprecated obsolete SalesPriceShippingLO, InvoicingSalesPriceShippingDO, PaymentSalesPriceShippingDO
61756[IOM-10954] Deprecated isCorrected() of OrderDO, use get|setIsCorrected() instead
61758[IOM-10956] Deprecated get|setOrderPropertyList of OrderDO, get|setShippingBucketPropertyList() of ShippingBucketDO and get|setOrderPosPropertyList() of OrderPosDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead
61874[IOM-10964] Deprecated obsolete getEnumTaxType() of SharedArticleSupplierShopDetails and getTaxInPercentage() of ArticleSupplierShopDetailsView
61877[IOM-10965] Deprecated obsolete get|setEnumTaxType() and get|setTaxInPercentage() of ArticleSupplierShopDetailsVO
61915[IOM-10977] Deprecated usage of PostgreSQL 10.X
61948[IOM-10985] Deprecated tenant and environment in meta-data of logs, DataDog will inject instead
69754Deprecated getQuantity() of OrderPosDO, use getQuantityOrdered() instead
70202Deprecated get|setIsValid(), isValid(), get|setIsEOL() of ArticleSupplierShopDO, use is|setValid(), is|setEOL() instead
80819Deprecated usage of PostgreSQL 10


55546[IOM-10060] Removed deprecated bakery.persistence.util.ShopDOUtil
60913[IOM-10866] Removed obsolete getTaxesPerCountry() from OrderPersistenceService and OrderSecurityService
61683[IOM-10951] Removed deprecated OrderPosShippingClassDO
61914[IOM-10976] Removed deprecated usage of PostgreSQL 9.5.X, 9.6.X
62236[IOM-11064] Removed obsolete class, please, use corresponding methods in PropertyOwners instead
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