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Video Tutorial - Intershop Studio (IStudio) Part 3 - Pipeline Debugging



This document replaces the outdated article with the ID 25F576 and the same title.

The Intershop Studio, based on Eclipse, is the main development tool for the Intershop 7 platform. It offers an IDE for all development relevant tasks and assets like cartridges, pipelines, templates, pagelets, queries, and many more.

Intershop Studio allows you to customize code for your application to meet business requirements and processes.

The tutorial series contains several topics like:

  • Part 1: Installation and Configuration 
  • Part 2: Cartridge Development
  • Part 3: Code Debugging (especially pipeline debugging)

Part 3 of 3 gives you a short overview of how to work with the Pipeline Debugger in Intershop Studio. The Pipeline Debugger allows the developer to track the execution of a pipeline step by step in order to locate errors precisely. The Pipeline Debugger, unlike standard programming language debuggers, operates on the pipeline rather than the source code level.


Video Tutorial


Additionally to this tutorial, you can follow the tutorial tasks in the Guidance section below the video.



  1. Open the pipeline.
  2. Define toggle breakpoint.
  3. Configure and start debugging functionality.
  4. Activate debugging by activating breakpoint.
  5. Extract debugging.
  6. End process and remove breakpoint.


Open the pipeline

  1. Open the corresponding .xml file of your pipeline.

Define toggle breakpoint

  1. Right-click the Start node of the pipeline.
  2. Select Toggle pipeline node breakpoint.

    As soon as the pipeline will be executed, the breakpoint stops the process for debug purposes.

Configure and Start Debugging Functionality

  1. Go to Debug Configurations....

  2. Double-click on Pipeline Debugger.
  3. Enter a name.

    The connection configuration is automatically inserted by the file. If this is not the case, please check your settings.

  4. Click Apply and then Debug.
  5. If you enable the debug window under Window | Show View, you automatically switch there to follow the current debug status.

Activate Debugging by Activating Breakpoint

  1. Switch to the Operations organization and click on the adjusted menu item that was previously called Sites & Applications.
  2. The Start node breakpoint has been activated. Intershop Studio will now prompt you to switch to the debugging perspective. To do this, click Yes.

Extract Debugging

As you can see in the screenshot below, the perspective has changed from Cartridge Development to Pipeline Debug.


Click Step Over or press the F6 key to let the pipeline poll the next step until it reaches the end of the pipeline.


The progress is displayed in both the browser window and Intershop Studio.

End Process and Remove Breakpoint

  1. When reaching the end of the pipeline, finish the debug process by right-click on debug [pipeline debugger] | Terminate and Remove | Yes.

    The debug process needs to be finished by termination. Otherwise the debugging will execute every time.

  2. Also delete the toggle breakpoint with right-click on the start node Start | Toggle Pipeline Node Breakpoint.
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