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Guide - API Models

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This guide is addressed to developers who want to make use of Intershop Studio's API tooling.

The core of the whole API tooling are API models. These are created either implicitely when using the API tooling in Intershop Studio or explicitely via exports.


EMFEclipse Modeling Framework


This section describes how to create persisted API model files with Intershop Studio. Technically API models are persisted as zipped EMF resources, but the user does not have to care about such details.

Intershop Studio UI

Option #1

  1. Select the cartridges to export in the Cartridge Explorer.
  2. Right-click to open the context menu.  
  3. SelectExport | Cartridge API...

Option #2

  1. Invoke File | Export...
  2. Select / de-select cartridges and click  Next >. (optional)
  3. Select Generate API HTML Documentation and click Next >.
  4. Enter an output location and click Finish.
  5. Navigate to the output location and open the generated API files (optional).

Command-line Application

Use ID api.export.model.

View Exported API Model

The exported API model can be opened with the API Model Editor that shows the API model in a tree view. Together with the Properties view this editor can be used for having a closer look onto the API.

  1. Select the API file
  2. Right-click to open the context menu.
  3. Select Open With | API Model Editor.
  4. Browse the API model.

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