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The  API Documentation (APIDoc) is an HTML-based report of all Intershop 7 artifacts of a given version. It closes the gap between the existing Javadoc and the undocumented Intershop artifacts.

Layout and Usage

Main objective was to provide the same experience as using a regular Javadoc.


As the report closely resembles a Javadoc it can be navigated the same way. However, there are some differences to consider when using the APIDoc:

The APIDoc does not create details pages for Java types, instead it embeds their corresponding Javadoc pages. The following Javadoc sources are considered:

  • For types from IS7 cartridges: the Javadoc of the corresponding cartridge
  • For standard Java types: the official Java 7 SE documentation

It might be possible to consider third party libraries. If no Javadoc exists a "page not found" message will be displayed in the right pane.


In order to create APIDoc for Intershop 7 artifacts you have to use Intershop Studio 4.5 or later.

Intershop Studio UI

To create an APIDoc in Intershop Studio:

option #1
  1. Select the cartridges in the Cartridge Explorer.
  2. Invoke context menu.
  3. Select Export | Cartridge API...
option #2
  1. Navigate to  File | Export...
  1. Select Cartridge API model, Documentation ...
  1. Select/deselect cartridges.
  2. Click  Next >.
  1. Select Generate API HTML Documentation.
  2. Click Next >.
  1. Enter an output location.
  2. Click Finish.


  • Navigate to the output location and open index.html.
  • Open the Progress view and click on the link.

Command-line Application

use ID: api.export.doc


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