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IOM 3.5
Guide - IOM 3.5 Deprecations and Removals


61757[IOM-10955] Deprecated set|isManuallyCorrected() and set|isDifferenceAt*() of ResponsePosDO, use get|setIsManuallyCorrected() and get|setIsDifferenceAt*() instead
61884[IOM-10969] Deprecated get|setResponsePosPropertyList of ResponsePosDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead
62380[IOM-11110] Deprecate mergeTypeDefRef in OrderStateAO
62397[IOM-11113] Deprecated obsolete PersistenceUtils.getMergedOrderJoin(String orderAlias, String orderPosAlias)
62988[IOM-11175] Deprecated obsolete classes and methods that are used by the already deprecated order state service

Also deprecated are:

  • get|setReturnPosTransmissionPropertyList() of ReturnPosTransmissionDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead

  • get|setReturnPosPropertyList() of ReturnPosDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead

  • get|setReturnItemPropertyList() of ReturnItemDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead

  • get|setReturnTransmissionPropertyList() of ReturnTransmissionDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead

  • get|setResponsePosTransmissionPropertyList() of ResponsePosTransmissionDO, use get|setPropertyList() instead

  • Shop2SupplierDO.getSupplierSupportsCOD(), use isSupplierSupportsCOD() instead

  • CommunicationDO.isActiveOMT(), use getActiveOMT() instead

  • get|setIsDoProcess(), set|getIsDoManualApprove() of PaymentActionApprovalDefDO, set|isDoProcess(), set|isDoManualApprove() instead

  • SupplierOrder.getOrderPosDOList(), use getOrderPosDOList instead

  • OrderDO.getBillingAddresses(), use getBillingAddress() instead

Deprecations of IOM-11175 in Detail

See 62988 - Deprecated obsolete classes and methods that are used by the already deprecated order state service.

Some elements were already deprecated, but the reference to that ticket has been added to make this whole deprecation set more visible and searchable.

  • package com.intershop.oms.order.state.*
  • OrderStateAO
  • OrderReportPersistenceService:
    • List<OrderStateOrderPO> getOrderStateOrderById(...)
    • CustomerOrderDetailsPO getCustomerOrderDetails(...)
    • List<CustomerOrderSearchResultPO> searchOrdersByShopCustomerNo(...)
    • List<NamedId> searchOrdersByShopOrderNo(...)
    • String createCountQueryString(...)
    • int getOrderIdListCountFromDB(...)
    • void createQueryString(...)
    • void addOrderByV1(...)
  • OrderReportLogicService:
    • OrderStateReportLO getOrderStateReport(...)
  • OrderReportLogicBean:
    • List<OrderStateOrderPO> getOrderStateOrderById(...)
    • OrderStateReportLO getOrderStateReport(...)
  • bakery.communication.mapper.v1_0.out.OrderStateReportMapperOut  (deprecated since 2.1)
  • bakery.communication.mapper.v1_0.out.OrderStateReportMapperOutBean (deprecated since 2.1)
  • bakery.communication.mapper.v1_0.out.OrderStateReportMapperOutBeanTest
  • OrderStateServiceBean (deprecated since 2.15)
  • OrderReportSecurityService and OrderReportSecurityBean:
    • OrderStateReportLO getOrderStateReport(...)
  • bakery.logic.valueobject.OrderStateReportLO
  • bakery.logic.valueobject.OrderReportLO
  • package bakery.persistence.persistenceobject:
    some classes mentioned here may not be directly bound to the old order state service, but to other areas, deprecated since a longer time.
    • OrderStateOrderPO
    • OrderStateOrderPosPO
    • CustomerOrderDetailsPO (since
    • CustomerOrderSearchResultPO
    • OrderAddressPO (no reference found)
    • OrderPosEntryPO (no reference found)
    • OrderSearchPO
    • OrderStateDeliveryOptionPO
    • OrderStateDispatchPO
    • OrderStateDispatchPosPO
    • OrderStateDispatchItemPO
    • OrderStateDocumentPO
    • OrderStateInvoicingBalancePO
    • OrderStateOrderAddressPO
    • OrderStateOrderChargePO
    • OrderStateOrderCouponPO
    • OrderStateOrderNotePO
    • OrderStatePaymentInformationPO
    • OrderStatePaymentNotificationPO
    • OrderStatePropertyPO
    • OrderStateResponsePO
    • OrderStateResponsePosPO
    • OrderStateReturnPO
    • OrderStateReturnPosPO
    • OrderStateReturnItemPO
    • OrderStateShippingClassPO
    • OrderStateTaxPO
    • ShippingBucketLO (warning) do not mismatch with the class in com.intershop.oms.logic.logicobject.order.v2  


62378[IOM-11109] Removed references to obsolete feature Order Merge in class OrderDO
63280[IOM-11233] Removed setTaxDO() of InvoicingSalesPricePosDO, InvoicingSalesPriceChargeDO, PaymentSalesPricePosDO and PaymentSalesPriceChargeDO
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