Guide - IOM 3.0 Migration of Customization

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Extensibility of ChargeTypeDefDO with Possible API Change

This internal enumeration is now expandable. An example can be found in Expanded...DefDO in bakery.customization-app.

To enable this extension, the interface ChargeTypeDefDOEnumInterface has been created. All previous API methods within the IOM have been changed to use the new interface.

Consider to change your implementations to use this interface.


An additional ChargeType "SURCHARGE" has also been added to the core list of charge types.

Allow Projects to define Singleton Applications

In prior projects it was possible to define deployment artifacts as singleton-deployments by defining singleton-deployment.xml.
Since IOM is not using WildFly mechanisms any longer to define singleton applications, the new mechanism has to be used. See Guide - IOM Standard Project Structure 3.X#Customdeploymentartifacts for more details.


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