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A feature is a defined piece of functionality (business or technical) delivered by a product, a solution or an extension.

A feature is defined by one or more system use cases.

feature freezeFeature freeze is a point in time in the development process after which all work on adding new features is not allowed and the effort will shift towards fixing defects.
feature listThe feature list represents the developed features over time and releases in the context of a product and/or solution and/or extension. Feature lists serve two audiences: the internal audience to communicate all details to Intershop and the alliance, the external to communicate all necessary details to the market and customers. The owner is product management. 
feature setA group of features that target a specific need.
feature wishA feature wish is a functional or non-functional requirement for a specific feature requested by a customer or stakeholder phrased in a natural language. Feature wishes do not belong to a specific product, solution or extension. At Intershop, they are managed in Engineering JIRA projects. 
fixed quoteType of quote where a price is proposed and negotiated for the entire requisition
fixed-time budgetbudgets with explicit start dates and end dates
follow upa product link offering a follow-up version of the product currently selected
footernavigation element in the web front applications of Enfinity Suite 6, Intershop 7 and Intershop Commerce Management 
frameworkGenerally, a software framework provides the possibility to extend a software with new features with the minimum possible development effort. From a developer's perspective, a framework is code intended to be specialized and/or instantiated in order to implement specific features.
FReDThis is Intershop's repository of feature wishes. Feature wishes can be reported by everybody with an Intershop JIRA account.
free text requestin procurement models, a mechanism to request special-demand material or products not found in the catalog or contract
freight classFreight classes represent the relation between product characteristics and suitable shipping methods. In Intershop 7/Intershop Commerce Management, freight classes can be assigned to products defining them as eligible for the selected shipping methods. 
frequently asked questionsFrequently asked questions are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic, e.g., "How to place an order". The format is commonly used in online media, where certain common questions tend to recur, as a self-service support tool.
front endIn computer/software technology, a front end is an abstraction of the application's underlying business logic that provides a user-friendly interface (that is, the "user interface portion" of a piece of software).
fulfillment centerA fulfillment center is a company that specializes in the later stages of a product's life cycle including storage or warehousing, invoicing, pick pack services, shipping, return processing and customer service incl. dunning process (e.g. Fiege PVS).
functional requirementA requirement that specifies a feature that a product/solution, extension or system component must be able to perform.


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