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IOM 3.6
Guide - IOM 3.6 Deprecations and Removals

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69685Deprecated get*PosList() of ResponseDO, ReturnDO, DispatchDO and OrderCancelDO, use get*PosDOList() instead
69744Deprecated CustomerAddressLO and get|setCustomerAddressLO() of ShopUserMailLO
69747Deprecated get|setPropertyList() and getPropertyValue(String) of DocumentDO, use get|setPropertyList() and getPropertyValue(String, String) instead)
69753Deprecated getQuantity() of ReturnPosDO, use getQuantityReturned() instead
70203Depreacted bakery.util.enumsSortingOrder, use com.intershop.oms.utils.enums.enumsSortingOrder instead


57774Removed obsolete feature Order Merge #2
62398Removed deprecated PersistenceUtils.getMergedOrderJoin(String, String)
69687Removed deprecated mergeTypeDefRef() of OrderStateAO
69697Removed obsolete getOrder2OrderPosMap(), getResponse2ResponsePosMap(), getDispatch2DispatchPosMap(), getReturn2ReturnPosMap() of MapGenerator
69698Removed obsolete checkOrderAddressesAreEqual(), checkOrderAddressCompaniesAreEqual() of OrderLogicservice
69699Removed obsolete getOrderPosNo() of bakery.logic.communication.mapper.MapperUtil
69741Removed deprecated createErrorResponse() and createErrorResponseWithList() of ApiResponseService
69742Removed deprecated loadOrderHeader(String, String, long) of OrderSecurityService
70216Removed obsolete process tasks SplitReturnPTBean, CreateSuperResponsePTBean, SplitReturnPTBean, CreateSuperReturnPTBean, SplitDispatchPTBean and CreateSuperDispatchPTBean
70217Removed obsolete jpdl-files and corresponding queues ProcessResponse4OrderMerge(.xml), ProcessDispatch4OrderMerge(.xml), ProcessReturn4OrderMerge(.xml)
60170Removed deprecated as part of test-data in projects, use new Helm parameter caas.importTestDataTimeout instead

Included in "Removed obsolete feature Order Merge #2", the following removals were done:

  • Removed deprecated get|setSuperDispatchDO(), get|setMergeTypeDefDO(), get|setMergeTypeDefRef(), get|setSubDispatchList() of DispatchDO
  • Removed deprecated get|setSuperOrderCancelDO(), get|setMergeTypeDefDO(), get|setMergeTypeDefRef(), get|setSubOrderCancelList() of DispatchDO
  • Removed deprecated getMergeTypeDefDO(), getOrderPosList() of OrderDO
  • Removed deprecated get|setSubOrderDO() of OrderPosDO
  • Removed deprecated get|setSuperResponseDO(), get|setMergeTypeDefDO(), get|setMergeTypeDefRef(), get|setSubResponseList() of ResponseDO
  • Removed deprecated get|setSuperReturnDO(), get|setMergeTypeDefDO(), get|setMergeTypeDefRef(), get|setSubReturnList() of ReturnDO
  • Removed obsolete createMergedOrderDOWithInitialState() and getWaitingOrdersForMerge() of OrderPersistenceService
  • Removed obsolete OrderMergeAddressCompanyVO, OrderMergeAddressVO, OrderMergeVO
  • Removed obsolete getEnumMergeType() of bakery.order.v1.SharedOrderDataVO
  • Removed obsolete bakery.order.v1.EnumMergeType
  • Removed obsolete get|setMergeTypeDefDO(), get|setMergeTypeDefDO() of CommunicationPartnerDO
  • Removed obsolete get|setSuperResponsePosList() of ResponseDO
  • Removed obsolete get|setSuperReturnPosList() of ReturnDO

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