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generates comments not visible in the storefront

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Use <ISCOMMENT> to document your templates while you are writing them, to include reminders or instructions for yourself and others who work with the system. HTML comments are created by surrounding the text with the character strings.




This works well for each template user, but from the programmer's perspective, that commenting method provides no confidentiality. Anyone can use a browser's View | Source menu to see the HTML code, including the comments. If you do not want to broadcast your comments to the outside world, use the <ISCOMMENT> tag for your comments. Anything enclosed in an <ISCOMMENT>... </ISCOMMENT> structure is not parsed by the template processor and does not appear in the generated storefront page.


<ISCOMMENT> your comments </ISCOMMENT>


<ISCOMMENT> this comment will not be sent to the browser </ISCOMMENT>

Reference - ISML Tags


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