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redirects the browser to a specified URL

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1 Introduction

Use <ISREDIRECT>to redirect the browser to a specified URL.

2 Syntax

  location = "( {URL String} | {ISML expression} )"
  [ httpstatus = "( {Integer} | {ISML expression} )" ]

3 Example

The following example checks whether the buyer has enabled cookies in his browser or not. Depending on the result, the browser is redirected:

<ISIF condition = "#ISDEFINED(getCookie("UserID"))#">
  <ISREDIRECT location="#URL(Action('LoginPanel'))#">
  <!--- cookies are not enabled --->

4 Attributes

4.1 location

This attribute is required.
location = URL String | ISML expression
Use the location attribute to specify a target URL used by the browser to send a new request.


Some browsers do not support redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS. To prevent this problem, use the HTML meta tag refresh instead:

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL='#URLEX(...)#'">.

4.2 httpstatus

This attribute is optional.
httpstatus = Integer | ISML expression
Specifies the status code of the HTTP response.

Reference - ISML Tags


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