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declares a file to be processed when using <isfilebundle> tag

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The <ISFILE> tag is only allowed as a child element of <ISFILEBUNDLE>. See also <ISFILEBUNDLE> and <ISRENDER> .

The <ISFILEBUNDLE> tag allows you to bundle multiple smaller source files into one big file and to configure processors for the bundled files. <ISFILEBUNDLE> has the two supporting tags <ISFILE> and <ISRENDER>.
Each file bundle must have one <ISRENDER> tag. <ISRENDER> provides a render method for all resulting files of this file bundle. The attribute File:Name is the name of the bundle or the name of one of the configured files.
A file bundle must have one or more <ISFILE> tags. <ISFILE> is used to declare files to be processed via its name attribute.


<isfile name="/css/CSS_File1.css" processors="none"/>
<isfile name="/css/CSS_File2.css"/>
<isfile name="/css/CSS_File3.css" processors="CSSCompressor"/>




<ISFILE> declares the relative file path and is only allowed inside <ISFILEBUNDLE>.


This attribute is required.

name = relative source path

Specifies the relative path to the source file.


This attribute is optional.

processors = comma separated processor list

Overrides the processors attribute specified in the <ISFILEBUNDLE> tag. Specify this attribute to define a file specific processor list.
Omitting this attribute leads to use of the default processor list defined in <ISFILEBUNDLE> (for an available list of processors, see section Configuration). You can also set processors to none to skip processing this file.

Reference - ISML Tags


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