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Guide - Customer Segmentation Service After Migration

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1 Introduction

This guide describes how to activate and enable the Customer Segmentation Service and targets administrators or developers who did a migration. If you have customer segments assigned to a price list, the assignments are not displayed in the detail view of the price list after the migration. This happens because the Customer Segmentation Service is missing. So this service needs to be enabled and activated.

The Customer Segmentation Service was introduced with Intershop 7.5 and provides a new service that is intended to make the exchange of the standard segmentation service that delivers customer segmentation easier.

1.1 References

For more details see Concept of Customer Segmentation Service.

2 Create the Customer Segmentation Service

  1. Log in into your organization.
  2. Go to Services | Customer Segmentation Services.
    If the desired service is not available, click New to create the service.
    1. Got to Customer Segmentation Services and select Standard Customer Segmentation Service and click Next.
    2. Enter the required data and click Next.
      Name, ID, and activate both checkboxes (Active and Available), optional: provide a short description
    3. Choose your configurations for Logging and Monitoring and click Next.
    4. Select Shared and active and click Finish.
    5. Go back to Services.
      Your named Customer Segmentation Service should appear in the list.
  3. Go to a price list, where customer segments were assigned previously.
    The assigned customers should be displayed in the assignments.


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