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1 Introduction

In previous ICM versions, the email addresses of sender and receiver for quote notifications were hard-coded in the pipeline ProcessQuoteRequestNotifications (app_sf_responsive_b2b).

The pipeline ProcessQuoteNotificationsExtension also used the from email address which is now fixed. Now the email addresses can be configured in a common way.

2 Details

The email addresses can be configured in a common way by using the following application preferences:

  • QuoteNotificationEmailFrom
  • QuoteNotificationEmailTo

The default value for the preference definition can be configured via DBInit in the properties file (cartridge: app_sf_responsive_b2b). (app_sf_responsive_b2b)
# Quote Notification Preferences

The values can also be configured per channel via domain preferences.

3 References

IS-22126 - Getting issue details... STATUS


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